What Is an MOGG File?

MOGG File,How to open, edit, and convert MOGG files

MOGG File,A file with the MOGG file extension is a Multitrack Ogg file used by Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and possibly some other video games.

These MOGG files contain OGG audio files that are stored in such a way that each OGG file can play separately or together with all the others.

The MOGG file stores each OGG file in a separate track so that they’re not bound to the same playback stream.

Some MOGG files may instead be MedCalc Data files but most will be music files.

MOGG File,How to Open a MOGG File

You can play MOGG files on a computer for free using Audacity. MOGG files are also supported in Avid Pro Tools software, Steinberg Nuendo, and REAPER.

If you open the MOGG file in Audacity, you’ll have the option to save the audio data to a new format. See the section below on converting for more information.