Microsoft Leaker Hints at “the New Windows” Coming Soon

It very well may be Windows 10X, Project Sun Valley, Version 21H1… or then again something different altogether

A prestigious Microsoft leaker has indicated “another Windows” coming soon, which has individuals guessing on what the leaker implied. In any case, said leaker has given us another clue that maybe implies it’s something we’ve never known about.

What Is “the New Windows”?

This hot piece of information comes to us due to the endeavors of the Twitter client @_h0x0d, AKA “WalkingCat.” This client has given numerous solid holes before, so there’s little motivation to question this specific one.

WalkingCat started by reporting that “the new Windows” planned to land at some point in March 2021. In any case, their unique information more likely than not been somewhat temperamental as they moved this back to “it’s coming.”

Individuals started guessing with respect to what “the New Windows” may be. It very well may be the declaration of Windows 10X, the uncover of the Windows 10 redo called Sun Valley, or a clue to the approaching 21H1 update – which are all because of come around soon.

WalkingCat reacted to these hypotheses by advising us not to zero in on the date but rather what “the new Windows” may mean.

Thusly, while this may indicate when Microsoft will give a public declaration for Windows 10X or the Sun Valley patch up, it might yet be something totally extraordinary. We’ll need to sit back and watch.

What Is Windows 10X, Sun Valley, and 21H1?

In the event that your eyes crossed briefly when we referenced every one of the expected possibility for “the new Windows,” how about we separate every one and why individuals are anticipating them.

  • “Windows 10X” is a part of Windows 10 intended to deal with any gadget. You can put it on a PC, telephone, or tablet, and it’ll adjust in like manner. In spite of its WIP status, a Twitter client actually made it work on a telephone.
  • “Sun Valley” is the codename for an arranged redo of Windows 10. We actually realize almost no about this redo, yet Microsoft is intending to update the now-maturing working framework with its rivals.
  • “21H1” is a reference to Windows 10 variant 21H1. The organization has started carrying out 21H1 to Insider Preview clients, so it should deliver soon as long as nothing cataclysmic occurs.

A New Windows Is Coming… in any case, What Is It?

A solid Microsoft leaker has reported “another Windows” not too far off, yet we’re as yet uncertain regarding what it very well may be. We’ll need to pause and hold our ears to the ground for additional news on this turn of events.

While you pause, why not investigation up on what Windows 10X is? You can even check it out for yourself in the event that you like!