Linux/Unix SSH, Ping, FTP, Telnet Communication Commands

Telnet Communication Commands,While working on a Linux running machine.

you may want to speak with different devices. For this, there are a few fundamental utilities that you may employ.

These utilities permit you to talk with:

  • networks,
  • other Linux systems
  • and remote users

So, let us learn them one by one.

  • SSH
  • Ping
  • FTP
  • Telne

Telnet Communication Commands,SSH

SSH which stands for Secure Shell, It is used to connect to a remote computer securely.

Compare to Telnet, SSH is at ease wherein the customer /server connection is authenticated using a virtual certificate and passwords are encrypted.

Hence it is broadly used by gadget directors to govern faraway Linux servers.

The syntax to log right into a far off Linux system using SSH is

SSH username@ip-address or hostname 

Once you are logged in, you could execute any commands which you do for your terminal





Telnet Communication Commands,Ping

This application is typically used to check whether or not your connection to the server is healthful or now not.This command is also used in

  • Analyzing network and host connections
  • Tracking network performance and managing it
  • Testing hardware and software issues

Command Syntax:-

ping hostname="" or=""

Example :


Here, A device has sent sixty four bytes data packets to the IP Address (172.16.One hundred seventy.1) or the Hostname(www.Google.Com).

If even one in every of records packets does now not go back or is lost.

It’d endorse an mistakes in the connection. Usually, internet connectivity is checked the use of this approach.

You may also Press Ctrl + c to exit from the ping loop.

Telnet Communication Commands,FTP

FTP is file switch protocol. It’s the most preferred protocol for facts switch amongst computers.

You can use FTP to –

  • Logging in and establishing a connection with a faraway host
  • Upload and down load files
  • Navigating through directories
  • Browsing contents of the directories

The syntax to establish an FTP connection to a faraway host is –

ftp hostname="" or=""

Once you enter this command, it will ask you for authentication through username and password.

Once a connection is installed, and you are logged in, you could use the following instructions to carry out one of a kind movements.

Command Function
dir Display files in the current directory of a remote computer
cd “dirname” change directory to “dirname” on a remote computer
put file upload ‘file’ from local to remote computer
get file Download ‘file’ from remote to local computer
quit Logout

Let us run a number of the crucial instructions.


Telnet Communication Commands,Telnet enables to –

  • connect with a remote Linux computer
  • run packages remotely and behavior management

This application is just like the Remote Desktop characteristic located in Windows Machine.

The syntax for this application is:

telnet hostname="" or=""
telnet localhost

For demonstration purpose, we will hook up with your laptop (localhost). The utility will ask your username and password.

Once authenticated, you can execute instructions similar to you’ve got accomplished so far, the usage of the Terminal.

The best distinction is, in case you are connected to a remote host, the commands might be achieved at the far off gadget, and no longer your local system.

You may additionally go out the telnet connection by using entering the command ‘logout’


  • Communication between Linux/UNIX and different exclusive computer systems, networks and remote customers is feasible.
  • The ping command exams whether the reference to a hostname or IP-address is operating or not. Run ‘ping IP address or Hostname’ at the terminal
  • FTP is favored protocol for sending and receiving massive files. You can establish an FTP connection to a far off host after which use instructions for uploading, downloading documents, checking record and browsing them
  • Telnet application lets you connect with a faraway Linux computer and work on it