Is It Still Worth Buying a LG Smartphone?

LG is pulling out of the cell phone business, however you’ll in any case have the option to purchase the organization’s telephones for some time. So is it great?

LG reported designs to leave the cell phone business for great in April. The organization left to zero in on other flourishing spaces of its mammoth business. Following the declaration, LG will for all time wind down the versatile unit by July 31.

Notwithstanding, you’ll in any case have the option to purchase its telephones while stock keeps going. With closure plans in progress, are LG telephones still worth purchasing?

LG Smartphones Portfolio

LG has an expansive arrangement of cell phones under its sleeve. The G, Stylo, Velvet, K, Wing, and V arrangement all objective distinctive market fragments. Do you need a 5G restrictive telephone? A spending gadget? Double screen gadget? A completely fledged lead telephone? LG has it.

Even better, you can’t discover a few highlights somewhere else. For example, the LG Wing has a turning second presentation, a first in the business.

By and large, there are a lot of choices in case you’re searching for a LG cell phone. In any case, the portfolio alone isn’t persuading enough. There are an assortment of reasons why LG cell phones disappointed for long.

Programming Updates Policy

Dependable programming refreshes matter. It’s no big surprise why numerous Americans are supposed to keep their cell phones longer than they used to, as indicated by gauges from Statista.

On programming refreshes, LG doesn’t have a strong history. Notwithstanding, it has vowed to give up to three Android OS updates to choose gadgets dispatched in 2019 and later.

  • LG telephones bound to get Android 12 and 13 include: LG Wing, LG Velvet, and LG Velvet LTE.
  • Android 12-qualified LG telephones incorporate LG Wing, Velvet, Velvet LTE, V50s, V50, G8, Q31, Q52, and Q92.
  • About 2020 models in the Stylo and K arrangement will likewise get two OS refreshes.

Before you intend to purchase a LG gadget, check for its particular update plans. Verifiably, LG is quite delayed in issue of programming refreshes.


Estimating, in addition to other things, impacts buy choices. LG’s lead telephones give a blended inclination with regards to equipment. To make up for this, LG offers cutthroat valuing.

LG has a background marked by offering delayed deals that make its cell phones less expensive only weeks after dispatch. Accordingly, while you might have the option to sack a decent arrangement, don’t anticipate selling your pretty new LG telephone at a fair value a couple of months down the line. What’s more, thinking about its leave, the resale worth may at last endure a shot in negative ways.

Would it be advisable for you to Buy a LG Smartphone?

It depends. In the event that you need a cell phone with a strong incentive, LG offers that. You may even purchase a LG telephone only for recollections since they’re going for acceptable. On the drawback, LG cell phones disappoint in certain spaces, for example, the absence of a high presentation revive rate.

It’s incredible that LG is ensuring continuous help for large numbers of its new gadgets. However having been slow poke cultivating refreshes, the organization has an even lower impetus to give refreshes quicker later on. Except if you’re patient to sit tight for refreshes, don’t accepting a LG cell phone, particularly now.

Moreover, there’s no LG telephone highlighting the most recent equipment. So in case you’re a force client, LG is not feasible, regardless of whether they offer respectable valuing.