Introduction to Wireless Network Security

Wireless Network Security, It wasn’t too long ago that computer systems had been a luxury in place of a necessity. Only the fortunate and the wealthy had even one of their domestic. And a network becomes something reserved for massive organizations.

Fast forward a decade or so and each person has to have their very own computer. There is one for the dad and mom (sometimes if the mother and father can’t proportion excellent). And one or greater for the youngsters to use for homework and games.

Home customers have long past from no Internet. Get entry to 9600 kbps dial-up Internet get right of entry to beyond fifty-six kbps. Dial-up gets the right of entry to and is transferring. On to broadband connections to rival or fit the T1 connections. They savor at paintings.

As the Internet and the World Wide Web have exploded into our way of life. And are replacing different media paperwork for people to discover news, climate, sports, recipes, yellow pages, and 1,000,000 different matters, the new battle isn’t always only for time on the pc at home, however for time on the internet connection.


The hardware and software program companies have come forth. With a variety of solutions permitting home users to proportion one Internet connection among two or extra computer systems. They all have one factor in common though- the computer systems have to one way or the other be networked.

Wireless Network Security, To join your computer systems together has traditionally involved having some physical medium walking among them. It will be cellphone wire, coaxial cable or the ever-present CAT5 cable. Recently hardware has been introduced that even we could home users network computer systems via the electrical wiring. But, one of the simplest and least messy ways to network. Computer systems all through your private home are to use wireless generation.

It is a reasonably easy setup. The Internet connection is available in out of your issuer and is connected. To wireless get admission to factor or router which broadcasts the signal. You connect wireless antenna community playing cards to your computer systems. To obtain that sign and talk lower back to the wi-fi get admission to point and you are in enterprise.

The problem with having the signal broadcast although. Is that its miles tough to incorporate in which that signal might also travel? If it could get from upstairs for your workplace in the basement. Then it is able to additionally move that same 100 ft for your pal’s dwelling room. Or, a hacker looking for insecure wi-fi connections can get into your systems from an automobile parked on the road.

Wireless Network Security, That does not suggest you should not use wireless networking. You just need to be clever about it and take a few primary precautions to make. It extra tough for curiosity seekers to get into your private data. The next segment incorporates a few easy steps you could take to secure your wireless network.

Wireless Network Security

Change the System ID:

Devices include a default machine ID called the SSID (Service Set Identifier). Or ESSID (Extended Service Set Identifier). It is straightforward for a hacker to discover. What the default identifier is for every manufacturer of wi-fi equipment. So that you want to trade this to something else. Use something particular- no longer your name or something without problems guessed.

Disable Identifier Broadcasting:

Announcing that you have a wireless connection to the arena is an invitation for hackers. You already recognize you have got one so that you don’t want to broadcast it. Check the guide to your hardware and figure out the way to disable broadcasting.

Enable Encryption:

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access). Encrypt your records so that the handiest the supposed recipient is supposed to be able to read it. WEP has many holes and is without difficulty cracked. 128-bit keys affect overall performance barely without extensive growth in protection.

So 40-bit (or 64-bit on a few gadgets) encryptions is just as well. As with all safety features. There are methods around it. However, via the use of encryption, you’ll preserve the informal hackers out of your systems. If possible, you have to use WPA encryption (maximum older equipment may be upgraded to be WPA well suited). WPA fixes the safety flaws in WEP but it is still subject to DOS (denial-of-carrier) assaults.

Restrict Unnecessary Traffic:

Many wired and wireless routers have integrated firewalls. They are not the maximum technically superior firewalls, but they assist create one extra line of protection. Read the manual in your hardware and learn. How to configure your router to handiest allow incoming or outgoing site visitors. That you have approved.

Change the Default Administrator Password:

This is simply an appropriate practice for ALL hardware and software. The default passwords are effortlessly received. And due to the fact, so many people do not bother to take. The simple step of converting them, they’re commonly what hackers attempt first. Make certain you convert the default password. On your wireless router/get admission to factor to something. That isn’t effortlessly guessed like your ultimate name.

Patch and Protect Your PC:

As a final line of defense, you have to have a private firewall software program. Such as Zone Alarm Pro and an antivirus software program mounted to your pc. As essential as putting in the anti-virus software, you should preserve it updated.

New viruses are discovered day by day and anti-virus software carriers. Generally, release updates as a minimum as soon as a week. You also have to hold up to date with patches for regarded security vulnerabilities. For Microsoft running structures you can use Windows Update to attempt to help keep you cutting-edge with patches.