Installing Budgie Desktop on Ubuntu

Desktop on UbuntuAmong all the diverse Ubuntu versions, Ubuntu Budgie is the maximum underrated one. It looks elegant and it’s now not heavy on sources.

Read this Ubuntu Budgie evaluation or truely watch this video to look what Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 looks as if.

If you like Budgie computer however you’re the usage of some different version of Ubuntu consisting of the default Ubuntu with GNOME laptop, I have top information for you. You can install Budgie in your modern Ubuntu device and switch the computer environments.

In this publish, I’m going to tell you exactly the way to try this. But first, a touch advent to Budgie for folks that are unaware about it.

Desktop on UbuntuBudgie desktop environment is evolved especially by Solus Linux crew. It is designed with attention on beauty and modern-day utilization. Budgie is available for all primary Linux distributions for users to try to experience this new desktop environment. Budgie is quite mature with the aid of now and offers a exquisite computing device experience.

Desktop on UbuntInstall Budgie on Ubuntu

This method is not tested on Linux Mint, so I propose that you now not observe this manual for Mint.

For those on Ubuntu, Budgie is now a part of the Ubuntu repositories with the aid of default. Hence, we don’t need to feature any PPAs in an effort to get Budgie.

To set up Budgie, genuinely run this command in terminal. We’ll first ensure that the device is completely updated.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install ubuntu-budgie-desktop

Desktop on UbuntuWhen everything is performed downloading, you will get a activate to pick your display manager. Select ‘lightdm’ to get the total Budgie revel in.

After the installation is whole, reboot your computer. You will be then greeted by the Budgie login display. Enter your password to enter the homescreen.

Switching to other desktop environments

You can click on the Budgie icon next on your call to get alternatives for login. From there you may pick among the mounted Desktop Environments (DEs). In my case, I see Budgie and the default Ubuntu (GNOME) DEs.

Hence whenever you feel like logging into GNOME, you can do so using this menu.

How to Remove Budgie

If you don’t like Budgie or simply need to head returned for your ordinary antique Ubuntu, you may switch lower back to your normal laptop as defined inside the above section.

However, in case you really need to remove Budgie and its aspect, you could follow the subsequent commands to get returned to a easy slate.

Switch to a few different computing device environments before the use of these commands:

sudo apt remove ubuntu-budgie-desktop ubuntu-budgie* lightdm
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt install --reinstall gdm3

After running all the commands successfully, reboot your computer.

Now, you will be back to GNOME or whichever desktop environment you had.

Desktop on UbuntuWhat you think of Budgie?

Budgie is one of the best computer environments for Linux. Hope this brief guide helped you install the notable Budgie laptop on your Ubuntu machine.

If you probably did install Budgie, what do you like approximately it the most? Let us understand inside the remarks under. And as standard, any questions or hints are always welcome