Ikea and Sonos Unveil a Speaker That You Can Hang on Your Wall

The speaker appears as divider craftsmanship, and can consistently mix into your home’s current style.

Ikea and Sonos’ most recent development is a speaker that you can hold tight your divider. The speaker appears as a smooth casing, allowing you stunningly to fuse the gadget into your home’s current style.

A Speaker That You Can Decorate With

After bits of hearsay whirled about another Ikea-Sonos coordinated effort, the tales ended up having some substance. A public statement on the Ikea Newsroom uncovered one more expansion to the Symfonisk line of Wi-Fi speakers.

The Symfonisk arrangement, which as of now incorporates undercover shelf speakers, wouldn’t be finished without a speaker that appears as divider workmanship. The photo placement speaker is a 22×16 inch board that you can hold tight the divider, or prop up on a table utilizing the inherent kickstand.

Considering it a “photo placement” speaker is somewhat deceptive, since you can’t outline your own photos inside it. Maybe, the speaker is just a craftsmanship piece.

You can arrange the speaker in one or the other dark or white, and browse diverse tradable boards. In this way, on the off chance that you get exhausted of its look, you can generally change out the board for another. Simply remember that the various fronts include some significant pitfalls—you’ll need to pay $20 for another board.

The speaker isn’t about looks, nonetheless. A tweeter is taken cover behind the craftsmanship board, and accompanies a waveguide that disperses the sound all through a room.

On the rear of the board, you’ll discover a force link that you can sneak through the sides or the lower part of the speaker to associate with an outlet. In the event that you have other photo placement speakers in your home, you would stereo be able to combine and daisy chain them, keeping you from having a disordered wreck of links running along your divider.

The speaker’s volume controls and interruption/play catches are covered up on the rear of the edge. They’re still effectively available, yet the area safeguards the appearance of the hidden speaker.

Furthermore, since the speaker can interface with Wi-Fi, you can likewise control the speaker by means of the Sonos application. It’s viable with AirPlay 2 too, yet is as yet deficient with regards to help for Bluetooth.

Symfonisk Picture Frame Speaker: Price and Release Date

The Symfonisk photo placement speaker will be delivered on July 15, 2021, and will be accessible on Ikea’s site and in stores.

You can hope to pay $199 for the speaker. This may be great on the off chance that you would prefer not to go through the difficulty of divider mounting speakers, or in the event that you don’t need the vibe of speakers conflicting with your stylistic theme.