How to Improve Your Laptop’s Wi-Fi Reception

Take steps to improve the range and speed of your Wi-Fi connection

Improve Your Laptop’s, Wherever you operate a computer laptop, a sturdy Wi-Fi signal is essential to make sure dependable connectivity and excellent connection speed.

Laptops with restrained sign range are likely to suffer from slow or dropped connections.

Modern laptops have a built-in wireless network adapter. Older laptops require an outside community adapter including a PCMCIA card or USB adapter. Either manner, you can take steps to improve the range of your computer and the rate of your connection if you’re having troubles with your Wi-Fi connection.

Environmental Factors That Affect Wi-Fi Range

Several environmental factors can reason a susceptible Wi-Fi sign. If you are in a home network environment, there may be lots you may do about those common culprits.


Your laptop can get a Wi-Fi sign inside a restrained distance from the router, and the closer you are, the higher the sign.

Move your laptop in the direction of the wi-fi router to fight this problem. There are many methods to check the speed of the pc connection at diverse areas around your house or office to see in which you need to be for an awesome signal.

If transferring in the direction of the router is not possible, perhaps because your home office is just too a ways from it, take into account transferring the router toward you. If you do that, make certain the router isn’t on or near the floor because which can make the signal even worse.

Improve Your Laptop’s, WEAK SIGNAL

If you can not reposition the router to a critical area or flow the computer toward the router, add a Wi-Fi repeater. These devices are plugged into a energy outlet somewhere between your pc and the router and are built to repeat the Wi-Fi signal, efficiently expanding the Wi-Fi range in addition through your private home.

The 10 Best Wi-Fi Extenders of 2019

A comparable option that may assist make bigger Wi-Fi thru your home is to buy a wi-fi mesh gadget. A mesh network consists of multiple router that blankets a couple of rooms with Wi-Fi.

Tip: See how mesh networks fluctuate from variety extenders if you’re now not certain which to go together with.

Yet any other solution for a susceptible Wi-Fi signal it truly is helpful if transferring the router is not an option, is to spend money on an extended-variety router. These varieties of routers commonly have several antennas that assist push the signal further than a conventional router.

Improve Your Laptop’s, OBSTRUCTING OBJECTS

Take word of any metal structures or massive home equipment among your pc and the router. These can obstruct the signal.

Relocate your pc or desk to avoid these sign killers.


To gain the most powerful possible Wi-Fi signal, restriction the quantity of gadgets that access the Wi-Fi connection concurrently. With the recognition of streaming films, tablets, cell telephones, and smart devices, your pc is not the simplest device trying to use the Wi-Fi connection.

As more and more devices go browsing behind a single router, the restricted bandwidth ability of the network has to be break up between every tool, basically slowing the entirety down.

Update Your Equipment and Software

The strength of a Wi-Fi signal and its range also are depending on the router, its drivers and firmware, and the software to your computer.

Improve Your Laptop’s, USE A NEWER WI-FI STANDARD

Replace your router when generation requirements exchange. For instance, 802.11ac routers are lots faster than in advance requirements like 802.11n and 802.11g. They also can hook up with more than one devices on the equal time instead of switching between gadgets.

The equal is genuine for external network adapters utilized in older laptops. Even if the network adapter itself is not physically broken from extended use, it’s in all likelihood the usage of an old wi-fi preferred or old antenna era. Look at the more recent options.


Keep the software in your laptop updated. Network drivers, as an instance, affect how your computer connects to the community. Old drivers can lessen the range and pace of your connection.

There are masses of free programs that could update your laptop drivers.


Improve Your Laptop’s, Updating the router’s software whilst feasible is likewise vital. Routers use firmware to stay present day.

So check the router manufacturer’s website to see if there’s an replace to your router that consists of improvements or new features that could improve the laptop’s Wi-Fi variety.


If you have got an older computer with a malfunctioning network adapter, or even in case your computer’s Wi-Fi is working record, an outside adapter that plugs in via USB can often enhance the range of your computer.

External community adapters from time to time have antennas that can reach the router an awful lot less difficult than the internal network card.

Improve Your Laptop’s, Avoid Frequency Interference

Older routers run at the equal frequency as many home electronic gadgets. A microwave oven, cordless phone, or storage door opener that runs on the 2.4 GHz frequency. Can intrude with a Wi-Fi router signal at that equal frequency. Modern routers have moved to the five GHz frequency exactly to keep away from home electronic interference.

Improve Your Laptop’s, If your router functions most effective at the two.4 GHz frequency.

Alternate the channel your router operates on to peer if that helps the range. Available Wi-Fi channels are 1–11, but your router may simplest use or three of those. Check your router documentation or the producer’s internet site to see which channels are endorsed for use with your router.

Check the Transmission Power Settings

The transmission strength can be adjusted on a few network adapters. If to be had, this placing is modified via the adapter’s driving force interface software. At the side of different settings which include the wi-fi profiles and Wi-Fi channel range.

The transmission electricity have to be set to the most of a hundred percentage to make sure the most powerful sign feasible.

Note: If a laptop is running in a power-saving mode, this setting might be reduced routinely. Which decreases the adapter’s variety and signal strength.

Improve Your Laptop’s, Speed Could Be a Factor

A community with truly sluggish speeds can seem like completely damaged. If motion pictures buffer whilst streaming. Apps may not download, and/or internet pages are sluggish to load. It can simply be due to the rate that you’re deciding to buy.

In fact, you may have all the maximum upgraded hardware, the fastest computer available on the market. And be sitting right next for your high-speed router. However in case your net speed you’re paying your ISP for isn’t always short. Then the entirety will appear quite sluggish.

Improve Your Laptop’s, Contact your ISP to improve your bandwidth to some thing quicker.

For example, if a speed check website indicates which you’re buying 15 Mbps. Upgrade to twenty Mbps, 50 Mbps. Or some thing higher so that all your devices have ample bandwidth to attach easily.

If you’re already buying lots of bandwidth and there’s no other obvious purpose for why you are not getting the ones speeds. Investigate if there are any apps to your computer which are sucking up bandwidth. VPN offerings, down load managers, torrents, and different record-sharing equipment are regularly guilty for hoarding bandwidth; close the ones all the way down to right away raise your computer’s Wi-Fi.