How to Use Alexa to Control Amazon Fire TV

Control Amazon Fire TV,Amazon’s Alexa-enabled gadgets like the Echo and Tap clever audio system permit you to manage a range of of things with simply the sound of your voice, including related appliances in the course of your property and workplace. It simplest makes feel, then, which you’d also be able to send instructions to the enterprise’s Fire TV line of merchandise as properly by using the usage of Alexa.

All you need to govern your Fire TV tool on this manner is a supported Alexa-enabled tool and a shared Wi-Fi connection.

Control Amazon Fire TV,Link Your Fire TV With Alexa

To manipulate your Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, or Fire TV Edition tv thru your Alexa-enabled device, you first need to link them collectively. Certain Alexa-enabled apps and gadgets can’t be used to manipulate your Fire TV, which includes the Alexa app, the Amazon Shopping app or any Amazon Fire tablets.

  1. Open the Alexa app for your Android or iOS device.
  2. Tap the menu button, represented by way of 3 horizontal strains and positioned within the higher left-hand corner of the display.
  3. When the drop-down menu seems, pick Music, Video & Books.
  4. Choose the fireTV option, discovered in the Video section.
  6. A list of your available Fire TV gadgets have to now be displayed, each observed with the aid of a radio button. Select the tool which you want to link with Alexa and tap CONTINUE.
  7. A listing of your Alexa-enabled gadgets will now be shown, every observed by a checkbox. Select one or greater gadgets that you’d like to apply to govern the Fire TV chosen inside the preceding step. Once satisfied with your alternatives, tap the LINK DEVICES button.
  8. An updated listing of your connected gadgets will now be displayed in the app. From this screen, you can unlink a device or link another Fire TV to Alexa in case you want.

Control Amazon Fire TV,Find and Watch Movies and TV Shows

There are many beneficial voice instructions that Alexa knows with regards to controlling your Fire TV, inclusive of the following institution which lets in you to search for and play films and TV indicates with the aid of name, actor or style.

If your Alexa-enabled device is ready with a video screen, together with the Echo Show, then you ought to quantify the commands beneath through including the words “on Fire TV” to the quit of each. If not, the movie or TV show may additionally wind up gambling to your tool instead of your tv.

  • Watch [movie or TV show title]: Launches a particular movie or show from Amazon Video or some other supported app.
  • Play [movie or TV show title] on [app name]: Launches a movie or show from the app of your desire.
  • Play [genre] on [app name]: Shows a list of movies and TV suggests from a selected style in the app of your choice (i.E., Play comedy on Amazon Video).
  • Search for [movie or TV show title] or Search for [movie or TV show title] on [app name]: Lets you discover films or shows from one or more apps to your Fire TV tool, primarily based on name.
  • Show me titles with [actor/actress name]: Returns a list of films and suggests providing a selected actor or actress.
  • Find [actor/actress name] films on [app name]: Performs the equal feature because the preceding command, but handiest shows titles available within a positive app.

Controlling Video Playback With Alexa

After you’ve found the show or movie you’d like to watch, you can also control its playback by speaking the following commands in the direction of your smart speaker or other Alexa-enabled device. In the case of Fire TV Edition televisions, this would be the TV itself.

  • Play
  • Stop
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Rewind [specific timeframe]
  • Fast Forward [specific timeframe]
  • Watch from beginning
  • Next Episode

Miscellaneous Commands

The following Alexa instructions can also be used to manipulate your Fire TV.

  • Watch [channel or network name]: This command best works whilst going for walks an app that helps live TV access
  • Open [app name]: Loads the introductory information screen for any app currently hooked up to your Fire TV
  • Go Home: Returns to the primary Fire TV Home screen

Control Your Fire TV Edition Television

The following Alexa instructions are unique to Fire TV Edition televisions only. The majority of these already cited above may even paintings on stated TVs.

  • Turn on Fire TV
  • Turn Fire TV off
  • Turn up the quantity on Fire TV
  • Turn it down on Fire TV
  • Mute Fire TV
  • Set the extent to [level number] on Fire TV
  • Open TV manual: This feature most effective works at some point of live TV playback, which calls for a digital antenna to be linked in your Amazon Fire TV Edition television.
  • Change to [device/input]: Allows you to switch input channels without using the far flung manipulate