How to Use a GIF File as Wallpaper on Android

Use a GIF File as Wallpaper,When it comes to wallpaper for your telephone, it could both be still or live wallpaper. Some customers may additionally even put a personal photograph as their wallpaper. If you want to attempt some thing one of a kind, why no longer add a GIF as wallpaper to your Android tool? You’ll sooner or later be capable of stare at your preferred GIF all day.

Use a GIF File as Wallpaper,How to Add a GIF as Live Wallpaper

There are a few ways you may get your GIF. You can both down load it from Google or a GIF app, and you could usually have your buddy send you a terrific one.

The app that makes all of this viable is GIF Live Wallpaper. It’s a loose and easy to use app. The first issue that it’s going to display you is the terms and conditions, but it’s up to you in case you study them. You will want to furnish the app get entry to on your files. To add a GIF, tap at the Download button at the pinnacle left.

After importing your GIF, it’s going to be small and surrounded by way of black. If you upload the GIF as your wallpaper as is, you’re only going to see black on your own home display screen.

To make your GIF bigger, use the pinch and zoom gesture to size it the way you need. The manner the GIF looks even as you’re modifying is how it’s going to be displayed on your house/lock display screen.

To pass it round you may either do it manually or faucet on the uneven icons. A set of arrows will appear. Tap wherein you want the GIF to be positioned, and it will likely be moved mechanically.

You can flip the GIF in any path with the aid of tapping on the ninety-ranges option, and if you don’t want to make your GIF too large and want to add some color to the heritage, you can do that too.

To both lessen or growth the rate of the GIF, faucet on the jogging guy icon. When you faucet on it, a slider will seem, and it is going to be set within the middle by way of default. To make the GIF slower, slide to the left, and to make it faster, slide it to the proper.

Use a GIF File as Wallpaper,How to Preview Your GIF in Landscape Mode

Tap on the hamburger icon at the pinnacle-right, and toggle on the option that asserts Enable panorama. By enabling this selection, you may see what your GIF is going to seem like in that mode in case your launcher lets in it.

If it does permit it, you will see a Landscape preview alternative. Once you tap on it, what your GIF will appear to be in Landscape will be visible in a small window at the lowest. You can still make changes whilst you’re here in case you experience that it’s vital to accomplish that.

The Finishing Touch

When you’re carried out modifying your GIF, tap at the checkmark at the bottom-right to verify. Tap on the “Set as Wallpaper” button, and you’re appropriate to head. The very last steps are self explanatory.


Now you could study your favourite GIF all day. Thanks to this app, you may modify it so it could play just the way you like it. What GIF will you be including as your wallpaper?