How to Update Amazon Fire Stick

Fire TV owners, stay current with these tips

Update Amazon Fire Stick is an internet-enabled TV device that lets customers.

Watch a ramification of content material (and additionally play video games) over their internet connections.

However, like several internet-linked gadget.

it desires to be updated pretty frequently.

Its current updates have brought new capability, consisting of an upgrade for the Fire TV three that shall we users view nearby film theater instances.

Its updates have additionally constant insects which have affected the performance of gadgets.

Such as a flaw that, up until June 2016, averted the screensaver from launching. This guide, therefore.

Explains a way to update your Amazon Fire Stick, covering the steps that want to be taken for all Amazon Fire TV gadgets.

Update Your Amazon Fire Stick

Even though this manual unpacks a way to manually replace your Amazon Fire TV software, performing a manual update should not be necessary.

The software need to update mechanically each time.

there’s a new edition to be had and your tool is connected to the net.

However, in case you actually opt for taking matters into your very own arms, it’s well worth checking for updates often.

For the reason that Amazon tends to introduce them at a wholesome pace.

As discovered with the aid of the Software Update History compiled by using AFTVnews.

A website dedicated to Amazon Fire TV news.

a new update is launched about as soon as each couple of months.

It’s, therefore, an awesome concept to test in with your tool based totally in this time frame, simply in case it hasn’t updated robotically yet.

Again, it is now not essential.

Thinking about Amazon Fire updates are established robotically.

Update Amazon Fire Stick

The manner for updating your Amazon Fire Stick is easy, and ordinary throughout the subsequent Amazon Fire gadgets:

i.Amazon Fire Stick

ii.Amazon Fire Stick with Voice Remote (1st and 2d Generations)

iii.Amazon Fire TV (1st, second, and third Generations)

iv.Amazon Fire TV Cube.

Here’s how you perform an Amazon Fire TV update:

1.Select Settings (at the right-hand facet of the menu bar)

2.Tap down as soon as, scroll to the proper, then pick Device.

Note: Owners of the first Generation Amazon Fire Stick and the first Generation Amazon Fire TV may also, in sure cases, have to select System alternatively.

3.Select About

4.Scroll down, then pick Software Version

5.Select Check for System Update

The tool will then look for an update, so that you can download mechanically if to be had. Once downloaded, then you definately should choose Install System Update.

Note: If you do not choose Install System Update, the replace will installation automatically next time you boot up your tool.

Amazon Fire TV Software Update: Things to Remember

For a machine update to work, your Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV requires a web connection.

If you’ve got problem downloading an update, you may want to test your net connection.

If you are having problems together with your Wi-Fi, proprietors of the 1st and 2nd Generation.

Amazon Fire TV bins can strive connecting an ethernet cable without delay to their gadgets.

which is likewise something that Amazon Fire TV Cube proprietors can do.

If you preserve experiencing problems (e.G. Error messages), Amazon recommends a time-commemorated if predictable approach.

Restarting your Amazon Fire TV device by way of disconnecting the power for about 3 seconds and then reconnecting.

(restarting additionally may be finished by using manner of protecting the Select and Play/Pause buttons for five seconds).

This approach is specially advocated in case your tool freezes while an replace is in improvement.

You can also try and reset your Fire Stick if it maintains to present you troubles.