How to Stream from Android to Airplay

Stream from Android,Sometimes you’ll find your self looking or paying attention to something on your cellphone and need to transport it in your TV. Yes, you can visit your TV and cargo it there, but that appears like a waste of time.

If you have got an Android smartphone and a Google Chromecast, it’s smooth to “cast” from your phone to the TV. If you’re trying to cross from an Android smartphone to an Apple TV though, it’s trickier. That’s because Apple uses its very own method, AirPlay.

Stream from Android,What Is AirPlay?

AirPlay is a protocol that lets you wirelessly stream audio and video between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, or even Windows PC running iTunes. All you need to do out of your smartphone is tap the AirPlay icon, then pick out the tool you’d want to move to.

Unfortunately, one of the few structures this protocol doesn’t guide is Android. While you could cast out of your iPhone to a Chromecast pretty without difficulty, this doesn’t paintings within the other direction.

The appropriate news is that there are some apps that assist you to flow from your Android to an Apple TV or other AirPlay device. The horrific information is that during every case there’s a few form of catch.

1. Stream from Android,AirSync

If your Apple TV is the heart of your private home leisure machine, together with your song, AirSync is probably perfect for you. The app is made by means of DoubleTwist, known for his or her Android song player. As a be counted of fact, this app calls for which you deploy that app.

As you may guess, this app is focused one hundred percentage on track streaming. It determined the Apple TV we had been using quick and played tune to it without a hitch. Yes, it’s simple, but it’s one of the extra stable studies we’ve found.


AllCast has a miles large function set. In addition to streaming to AirPlay devices, it also works with the DLNA protocol. This means it could also flow to Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and a number of different devices.

To use AllCast, you’ll want to put in the app on both your Android tool and the Apple TV. Otherwise, it’ll say it determined your Apple TV, however you received’t actually be able to play whatever. The unfastened model of the app has a 5-minute viewing limit on both videos and photos. To remove this limit, you may improve to the top rate version of the app for $5.

3.Mirroring360 Sender

Mirroring360, because the name implies, is supposed to reflect your screen over AirPlay. This app is available in two versions: the simple free model, Mirroring360 Sender Basic, and the top class version, which charges $five.

You’re higher off starting with the free version. We ran into troubles seeking to use the app, and other users have had comparable reviews. It’s really worth a try, however don’t pay for it till you’re positive it works for you.


While there are plenty of options for streaming from Android to AirPlay, every one has a few kind of caveat. If you’re seeking to flow tune, that within reason easy. On the alternative hand, with regards to video, you might be better off just the usage of your Apple TV remote to discover what you want to watch.

If instead, you’re an iPhone user looking to watch content on an Android TV, you can try this. There’s an app referred to as AirScreen that is meant to do exactly this. We even mentioned it on our listing of the first-rate Android TV apps.