Easily Change Your GRUB 2 Splash Image In Ubuntu 12.04

Your GRUB 2 Splash Image In Ubuntu, We all know that GRUB is a effective boot loader for Linux.

It can without difficulty come across various working systems mounted on our device and provide us a preference to begin any one of them.

Although being very powerful boot loader, it does no longer have a completely appealing graphical interface. But with its successor GRUB 2,

We are able to easily personalize splash picture, font colour, and font style.

In this tutorial, I show you an easy manner to exchange your splash picture in Ubuntu 12.04.

Step 1

Open terminal (press Ctrl + Alt + T) and enter the following commands :

cd /boot/grub
sudo nautilus.

Your GRUB 2 Splash Image In Ubuntu, The terminal will activate you for the password.Enter your account’s login password.

Note: You ought to be both root or an administrator to use the Sudo command.

Step 2

After entering the password correctly you will have write access to grub folder.

Step 3

Now simply copy and paste the image into grub folder.

Step 4

Enter the command given below in terminal:

 sudo update-grub

Step 5

Restart your system and your favourite image will appear at boot screen. Detailed instructions for changing font colour, resolution for new and previous versions of grub can be found here.