How to Share Files Between PCs, Smartphones and Tablets

Sharing Files Between Computers, When it comes to sharing documents these days, it’s no longer pretty much sharing between computer systems. Now your pal with an Android cellphone would possibly want a few motion pictures you took from your iPhone or you could need to duplicate a gaggle of pictures from a Windows PC to your iPad.

In this text, I wish to present you as whole a manual to sharing across gadgets as possible. It’s going to be long, so experience free to skip all the way down to the section that applies to you. The sections could be damaged down into sharing between computers, sharing between computers and mobile gadgets, and sharing between cell devices simplest.

Note: This article will link out to a lot of my previous posts on Online Tech Tips and Help Desk Geek because those articles provide an explanation for positive tasks step by step.

Sharing Files Between Computers

When it comes to sharing files among computers, you could smash it down into two types: neighborhood sharing or far off sharing. If you want to replicate some documents to every other pc in your neighborhood community, it’ll be a great deal quicker because you’ll either be the usage of Ethernet or Wi-Fi to perform the switch.

This is the pleasant manner to switch a large quantity of facts to any other laptop speedy. When copying documents outside of your LAN (nearby vicinity community), you are limited by means of your Internet speed. If you have got Verizon FIOS with a 75 Mbps add/down load connection (which I have now), then transferring large quantities of statistics to a far flung laptop may also be speedy.

However, if you’re caught with AT&T and feature a depressing 1.5 Mbps upload velocity (which I had within the past), it’ll take a long term to upload a few gigabytes of statistics. Let’s first talk approximately nearby facts transfers.

Local Data Transfers

If you’re trying to percentage data between most effective Windows computer systems, Microsoft has finally made things simpler with the introduction of homegroups in Windows 7. Hopefully, you’re not going for walks Windows XP or Windows Vista because homegroups don’t work with the ones operating structures. If you are, I will nonetheless provide an explanation for techniques you can use to proportion between all versions of Windows.

Windows Homegroups

To get started out, first study my submit on putting in place a Homegroup in Windows 7. Note that the technique is exactly the same in Windows eight and Windows 10.

If you’re going for walks Windows eight, examine my submit on a way to be a part of a Windows eight gadget to a Windows 7 homegroup. If you have some other issues connecting a Windows computer to a homegroup, examine my troubleshooting homegroups in Windows put up.

Mac and PC File Sharing

So that’s about it for Windows PCs. It’s the best manner and it really works sincerely well. Now allow’s say you need to share documents among a PC and a Mac, what do you need to do?

Well, it’s still pretty easy due to the fact each Apple and Microsoft have been supporting each different’s working structures over the last numerous years. This way it’s now very simple for a Mac to get entry to a Windows shared folder and vice versa.

First, you could study my unique academic on accessing a Mac shared folder from a Windows PC. It’s pretty honest and some thing the general public need to be capable of do.

If you need to do it the other way around, examine my publish on gaining access to a Windows shared folder from a Mac jogging OS X.

Using this method of creating shared folders also permits you to percentage records among older variations of Windows like XP and Vista with newer variations and additionally between Windows, Mac and Linux operating structures.

Directly Connect Computers

Another way to proportion files between two computers is to connect them immediately. You can try this if each computers have wireless cards or Ethernet jacks.

If you’ve got computers that each have wireless cards, you could connect them wirelessly by means of growing an ad-hoc network. It’s a reasonably lengthy procedure and there are some limitations with this approach, so I handiest recommend you use it if you can’t use homegroups or don’t have get admission to to a Wi-Fi or LAN network.

Using this approach, you can be sitting on the seaside and nevertheless join the 2 computers and percentage statistics. If both the computers have Ethernet jacks, then you should purchase a crossover cable and connect them at once through cable.

You can examine my posting on connecting two pc thru crossover cable, however you would possibly run into some problems as it’s a piece extra technical.

Third-Party Options

Sharing Files Between Computers,There are nevertheless extra options for buying documents moved round efficaciously domestically. One alternative is to apply Dropbox and to enable an option called LAN sync. This characteristic will mechanically discern out that every other laptop that has Dropbox hooked up is at the identical network and instead of importing it to Dropbox first after which syncing it backtrack, it will sincerely transfer the statistics over the LAN to the alternative computer.

USB Drives

Last, however no longer least, is the usage of conventional USB flash drives to transfer information among computer systems. I didn’t mention it first because I’m assuming the majority already recognise this and need to carry out the switch a few different way.

However, it’s well worth noting that physical connections on your pc are in all likelihood the fastest manner to transfer huge amounts of records. If your pc has a USB three.0 or eSATA port, the switch speeds are blazing speedy. So don’t neglect about this easy manner of doing matters first.

Sharing Files Between Computers,Sharing Files Between Computers,Remote Data Transfers

All of that above turned into for local records transfers. Now let’s pass directly to faraway records transfers. Suppose you’ve got a pal or member of the family you need to transfer statistics to that lives in every other part of the arena, then what’s the pleasant way to move about transferring the information?

Cloud Services

The solution is that it depends. If you have got a quick connection, in particular a quick add velocity, then the exceptional alternative is to use a cloud storage provider. Simply install Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Amazon CloudDrive, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, etc., upload your statistics and then download it on the far off gadget.

This works nicely for most people, however there are a few issues. Firstly, you usually have to purchase space on these cloud storage services, because of this they don’t make sense for someone trying to do a one-time transfer of 500GB of facts. Secondly, you have to trust your data with a 3rd-celebration organization like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and so forth. The facts you’re transferring can be touchy and you may not want to hazard putting it on third birthday party servers.

Peer to Peer

For those varieties of cases, there are multiple top options. One of my favorites is BitTorrent Sync. With BitTorrent Sync, there’s no cloud issue and therefore your data is transferred extra fast and more securely. The loose version has no folder size restriction or record length limit. It best has a restriction on the quantity of folders that may be synced.

Obviously, if you need to sync a group of information between computers, you’ll need to buy Pro, but in case you just need to transfer some honestly big documents regularly, then the loose model is perfect.

Personal File Server

The motive I like BitTorrent Sync is because it does all the give you the results you want and is genuinely clean to use, while on the identical time being very comfortable and rapid. If you opt to do all of it yourself, you could examine my put up on putting in place your property record server.

It’s in reality time-consuming and technically difficult, however also very profitable while you get it all setup. However, you do need to be more careful approximately possible safety problems like open ports to your router or a misconfigured firewall.

Sharing Files Between Computers and Mobile Devices

In our second segment, we’ll talk about sharing facts among computer systems and cell gadgets. As before, the form of solution that works for you depends for your hardware and working systems. Let’s start off with the smooth stuff first.

Apple Users

If you have a highly new Mac walking OS X 10.7 or higher and a particularly new iPhone or iPad strolling iOS 7 or better, then you could use a feature called AirDrop to switch files among your laptop and mobile device. AirDrop does no longer work with Android gadgets or other operating systems like Windows or Linux, so it’s fairly confined.

If you use an Apple device, however need your records on a Windows device, I might recommend actually installing iCloud Drive on Windows. You can copy any sort of facts you want to iCloud Drive from a Mac or Windows machine. Oddly, on iOS, you can only see iCloud files for positive apps as Apple hasn’t created an iCloud Drive iOS app as of yet.

Android Users

If you’re on Android, you furthermore mght have a couple of options that paintings just like AirDrop and probable even better. A couple of apps that come to my thoughts straight away are Filedrop, AirDroid, and SHAREit. Using these apps, you could percentage files among your Android tool, Windows, Mac and even iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone.

Accessing Shared Folders

Another option if you have already got some regionally shared folders on a domestic computer is to use apps like ES File Explorer File Manager on Android or FileExplorer Free on iOS.

These apps let you connect to your Windows, Mac or Linux machine and get admission to any shared folders. You can switch documents both ways effortlessly. There also are many other apps that do the identical component, so feel loose to search around. I simply referred to these due to the fact I actually have used them earlier than. They may not be the pleasant.

Sharing Files Between Computers,At this point, there begins to be plenty of overlap in phrases of what app or service may be used to accomplish a certain venture. For example, you can also easily use a cloud storage service to switch documents between a pc and cell device. You could also use BitTorrent Sync to do it and skip the cloud.

Sharing Files Between Mobile Devices Only

If you’re looking to percentage documents among cellular devices handiest, then you can use one of the solutions noted above. Thankfully, there simply isn’t something extra to mention here.

If you’ve got Apple devices, use iCloud Drive, AirDrop or iCloud Shared Photo Albums. If you’re on Android and running version 4.1 or better with an NFC chip, then you can use something called Android Beam. This lets you wirelessly transfer facts among Android gadgets in near proximity.

For non-Apple gadgets, you can additionally without a doubt swap microSD cards, if each phones have them. Android telephones additionally guide bluetooth record transfers. Windows Phone additionally supports bluetooth document sharing, so theoretically you ought to be capable of pair an Android and Windows Phone together and share documents, even though I even have never finished this myself.

If you need to proportion records among an iPhone and Android device, it’s exceptional to use a third birthday celebration cloud garage provider and then simply send the other person a percentage link. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and so on all can help you proportion out files or folders, that can then be downloaded by the alternative celebration.

Also, as referred to above, there are sure apps like SHAREit that you may download for iOS, Android or Windows Phone, so that you can easily proportion files between any mobile operating device.


Hopefully, this article gave you some higher ideas on a way to switch your statistics and didn’t confuse you extra! There are masses of options and approaches to go approximately doing one factor.Sharing Files Between Computers

My nice advice is to attempt several specific services, programs, apps and spot which ones works first-class for what you are attempting to do. For me, I use cloud storage services for sure transfers, but I additionally often use AirDrop, USB flash drives, homegroups and shared folders to transport information too.

If you have a higher concept, app, provider that gets the job achieved for you, experience free to submit a remark and allow us to realize. Enjoy!