How to Send Facebook Messages Without Messenger

Send Facebook Messages,A month ago, I met an vintage friend of mine. He became fiddling along with his telephone with an irritating look on his face. When I requested him the reason, he answered ‘I don’t want to use the Messenger app. I simply need my vintage Facebook again’.

So, Facebook has made some huge changes of their mobile app. Earlier, consumer can respond to their message from the Facebook app itself, but now you want to download a further app referred to as Messenger, to ship and get hold of Facebook messages.

And like most Facebook updates, humans don’t like this one either. Why download an additional app, when you could do the same element, from the prevailing one. The Messenger app goes to eat your cellphone sources and has a few very awful privateness rules.

There are few workarounds on the net, to disable the Messenger app. Like putting in the older version of Facebook app or canceling the down load in 1/2 manner. But they don’t paintings nicely in long run.

But fortunately, a Redditor FreemanAMG, has come up with smart workaround to disable Facebook Messenger. Though, this only works on Android and requires ROOT.

Send Facebook Messages, Without Messenger

The process is simple.

Install Facebook messenger app like you normally do after which freeze it the usage of this app. Now that the Messenger app is frozen, you may reply on your messages at once from the Facebook App. Disabling the Messenger app from the settings gained’t paintings.

Check out this animated gif.

What if I Don’t Have a ROOT Access?

Freezing Android Apps require root. So non-rooted person can, both use Facebook cell website i.E m.Facebook.Com or choose a 3rd-party Facebook app like Metal for Facebook.

In fact, I fairly suggest now not the usage of the Facebook legitimate app because it’s well known for large battery drain and shady privateness rules. But in case you use Facebook in your cellular browser, then they can not get entry to your contacts or SMS. And you could also send Facebook messages immediately from the mobile websites. More info here.

To get push notification on your messages, you have to manually turn on chrome notification (Chrome > Settings > Site Settings > Notification > Allow Facebook) and Facebook Push Notification (Account settings > Notifications > Mobile > Turn On).

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