How to Properly Restart a Router & Modem

Properly Restart,You can restart your router and modem if you suspect that the community isn’t always running love it need to.

Maybe net pages aren’t loading, or Netflix gets stuck midway via watching, or your clever speaker unexpectedly stops playing track.

Whatever the case may be, you could reboot the router to provide it some time to chill off and flush away anything is lingering inside the memory.

Sometimes, particularly with older hardware,

just having the router on and operating in overdrive for too long is enough to call for a restart.

Properly Restart,When to Restart Your Router

Properly Restart,Restarting is really certainly one of maximum simple troubleshooting,

steps of all to try to restoration something component isn’t always running properly.

Does Windows seem a bit buggy nowadays? Reboot your pc. Is your iPhone no longer connecting to every body’s Wi-Fi anymore? Restart your telephone and strive once more.

It borders on stressful when you’re describing a problem to your IT department,

a tech aid agent and that they advise a restart or reboot proper away,

however the reality is, restarting really does fix numerous problems.

So it is with your community hardware, like your virtual modem

(be it cable, DSL, satellite, or fiber), as well as your router.

Did your phone and pc each lose connection to the net? Is your NAS no longer showing up for your computer? Are all of your linked gadgets slow when it comes to streaming and surfing on line?

If so, it is in all likelihood time to reboot your router and modem!

In our revel in, rebooting community hardware corrects good sized ,

network and internet issues seventy five percentage of the time or extra.


Here’s the small print, though: you need to restart your router and modem in the proper order in case you assume it to help! In fact,

do it incorrectly, and you may lose connectivity completely, probably a worse problem than you’re dealing with proper now.

Follow the fast technique under, in order, for the high-quality viable chance of getting this paintings. Rebooting on this manner have to paintings with quite an awful lot all makes and fashions of routers and modems:

Properly Restart,Steps to Reboot a Router & Modem

Important:The following procedure isn’t the same as a resetting a router or modem. See Resetting vs Rebooting at the lowest of this page for more data.
  • Unplug both your router and your modem.
Warning:Don’t use a button categorized reset, or even restart, on account that those likely begin the manufacturing facility reset/repair method we just warned you about above. A in reality labeled power button might be first-rate to apply, however unplugging gets rid of any doubt.

Properly Restart,Modem

Advanced: If you have other managed community hardware, like many types of network switches, make sure to unplug them, too.

Unmanaged devices are probably best left powered on but,

use your judgment in case you think those might in a few way be concerned in your difficulty.

  • Wait as a minimum 30 seconds. Make a cup of coffee or move pet the canine…Just don’t skip this step.


Why Wait? This step might not be vital if we knew exactly what the trouble together with your connection became,

however restarting your router and modem is the type of factor you often do if you have no idea what’s incorrect.

This time we could the gadgets calm down a piece and actually shows in your ISP and your computer systems and gadgets which you’re offline.


  • Plug the modem lower back in. Yes, just the modem. If it does not electricity on inside the first few seconds, there may be a energy button that needs pressing.

Is This My Modem? Your modem is the tool that your bodily connection to the net attaches to.

For instance, when you have cable-based internet carrier, your modem is the device that the coax cable from outside your home is available in and attaches to.

  • Wait as a minimum 60 seconds.

This wait is very critical and one that’s frequently skipped in different “reboot your network stuff” tutorials accessible. Your modem needs ample time to authenticate along with your ISP and get a public IP address assigned.


Tips:Every modem is one of a kind but on maximum, there are 4 lights: a power light, a acquired light, a send light, and an interest mild. Better than an arbitrary wait time would be ensuring the primary 3 lights are solid, indicating that the modem is fully powered on. If there is also an internet light, you may anticipate that to turn on to confirm that the modem is getting net from your ISP.
  • Plug the router back in. Like with the modem back in Step 3, some may require that you press a power button.
Tips:If you have got a combination modem-router, simply bypass this step, as well as the subsequent. The software program in that device will initiate things inside the right order.


Is This My Router? The router is continually physically related to the modem, so the opposite device next on your modem might be it.

Not all routers have an antenna, however many do, so if you see one or extra of those, it is probably the router.

Wait at the least 2 mins.


This gives your router time as well back up, and your computers, smartphones,

and other “downstream” devices that use your community, ample time to get new private IP addresses assigned by means of the DHCP carrier to your router.

Advanced: If you removed the power from any switches or other network hardware, now’s the time to strength those again on. Be certain to present them a minute or in order nicely.


If you’ve got several gadgets, make sure to power them on from the out of doors-in, based totally for your network map.

Now that your router and modem had been well restarted, it is time to check to peer if the problem went away.

Tips:While it shouldn’t be necessary to restart your computer systems and different wireless devices, you can need to at this factor, specifically if some of your gadgets have come on-line and others haven’t   . Like with your router and modem, make sure to restart your laptop the proper way as properly. If restarting is not an alternative, renew your IP cope with (execute ipconfig /renew from the Command Prompt).
  • Your modem or router ought to be rebooted and operating well.

If rebooting your router and modem did not fix the hassle,

you’ll want to follow some extra precise troubleshooting for whatever your network or internet difficulty is.

In standard, if it appears that your modem is having trouble getting a signal out of your ISP (e.G., the ones first 3 lighting fixtures are not lit strong), contact your ISP for more assist.

Otherwise, it is time to appearance closer at your network setup interior your private home.

Properly Restart,Resetting vs Rebooting

Properly Restart,Should you reset or reboot your router or modem? Is there a difference?

There is a fundamental distinction among resetting a router or modem and rebooting one. One is an awful lot greater transient than the opposite and both are used for precise purposes.

Reboot vs Reset: What’s the Difference?

The instructions in this web page are for rebooting your modem or router to certainly shut them down and then start them again up,

once more without casting off any settings or making any modifications to the software program.

What’s the Difference?

To reset a router or modem is the quick version of announcing to manufacturing facility reset the device, this means that removing all the wi-fi settings and other configurations.

It essentially puts the router or modem returned into its unique default country earlier than any adjustments have been made to it, which incorporates reinstating the default router password, clearing the Wi-Fi password, deleting custom DNS servers, and more.

What’s the Difference?

You can reset a modem or router by means of the use of the Reset button it truly is commonly placed at the returned or side of the tool.

See How to Reset a Router if you cannot log in with the default password or if there’s a larger problem with your network hardware that rebooting will no longer fix.