How to Make iTunes Songs Act Like Audiobooks

Use This Hack to Get iTunes to Remember the Playback Position of Songs

iTunes Songs Act Like Audiobooks, Part of retaining your iTunes library organized involves making sure. That your ever-growing series of media files are inside the right vicinity.

This makes it clean to discover, play, and sync documents to your iPod, iPhone, and iPad. However, through the years you’ll probably have all kinds of virtual audio files within the iTunes Music folder. (allotted for songs)

Which shouldn’t be there in any respect? For instance, in case you’ve ripped a spread of audiobooks from CD. (in preference to buying and downloading from the iTunes Store) Then there is an awesome chance that these ripped.

Audio files will probably grow to be in the iTunes Music folder in place of the Books phase. To help you to correctly prune your iTunes library so it stays in top form. Apple has made it clean to fast exchange the media form of documents. So they’re routinely sorted into the right class.

Why Treating a Song as an Audiobook Is Sometimes Useful

There’s a bonus to be received every so often in fooling iTunes into questioning that a track is an audiobook. By changing the media form of a track to an audiobook. You may be capable of adding a bookmarking feature that isn’t normally to be had for track files.

You may additionally want to do it. That for instance if the entire playing time of an audit report is very long. Instead of having to go through the method of splitting audio documents up into man or woman parts. The usage of an audio modifying device, or converting to a special format.

You could sincerely upload a bookmarking facility through telling iTunes — “hello, it’s an audiobook!” Not simplest is this iTunes hack a superb organizational tool. But it may prevent a massive amount of time performing needless duties.

Unlike the greater drastic measures highlighted above, this is a reversible process too. If you want to move music that is within the Books section again to the Music category.

You could actually exchange its media type again and watch it. It mechanically gets placed returned with the rest of your songs.

Have You Backed up Your iTunes Library First?

There is not anything damaging approximately this educational. But earlier than you begin converting things for your iTunes library. It is an excellent idea to create an up-to-date backup so you’ll have a catastrophe recovery alternative just in case.

If you’re not sure on a way to pass approximately this. We’ve got written an iTunes library backup tutorial that will help you. If whatever does pass wrong along with your music collection. You will continually be capable of recover your iTunes library from the backup you made.

Tutorial Steps: How to Make iTunes Songs Act Like Audiobooks

Whatever your reason for wanting to fool iTunes into treating some of your audio documents as audiobooks. Check the educational beneath to peer how that is achieved.

01 Viewing the Music Category

Run the iTunes software and look in the left pane for the Library phase. Underneath this, click on the Music menu option. This will then listing all of the songs you have got on this class.

02 Selecting Songs to Change

If you need to pick an unmarried song to exchange to an audiobook. Then just right-click on it and choose the Get Info choice from the pop-up menu.

03 To pick out more than one song to change — preserve down the [CTRL Key] (Mac: [Command Key]) in your keyboard and click on multiple songs to spotlight them. Right-click and pick out the Get Info choice.

To highlight a block of songs to change — click on on the first tune, maintain down the [Shift Key] and then click on on the stop tune within the block to highlight your choice. Right-click on and pick out the Get Info option.

04 Changing the Media Type

Click the Options menu tab at the top of the Window that simply opened. The drop-down menu for the Media Kind choice and choose Audiobook from the listing. The drop-down menu subsequent to the Remember Position alternative and select Yes from the listing. Click OK to convert.

05 Checking your Converted Songs are Now Audiobooks

Finally, to check the songs you chose had been routinely redefined as audiobooks. Click the Books menu option (inside the Library section) inside the left pane of iTunes. You need to now locate that iTunes will take into account a music’s playback function. If you forestall it earlier than it reaches the give up.

06 That’s it!

If you need to rollback this conversion at any time. Genuinely highlight the songs within the Books class and alternate. The Media Kind option to Music (through getting Info).