Install Ubuntu 16.10/16.04 Alongside

Stage 1: Prepare Windows Machine for Dual-Boot

  • The primary thing you have to take care is to make a free space on the PC hard plate on the off chance that the framework is introduced on a solitary parcel.

Login to your Windows machine with an authoritative record and right tap on the Start Menu – > Command Prompt (Admin) so as to enter Windows Command Line.

  • Install Ubuntu Once in CLI, type diskmgmt.msc on incite and the Disk Management utility should open. From here, right tap on C: parcel and select Shrink Volume so as to resize the segment.

[cc] C:\Windows\system32\>diskmgmt.msc [/cc]

  • On Shrink[cc] C:[/cc] enter an incentive on space to contract in MB (use no less than 20000 MB relying upon the C: parcel size) and hit Shrink to begin segment resize as represented underneath (the estimation of room shrivel from beneath picture is lower and utilized for showing purposes).

Install Ubuntu When the space has been resized you will see another unallocated space on the hard drive. Abandon it as default and reboot the PC so as to continue with Ubuntu 16.04 establishment.

Stage 2: Install Ubuntu 16.04 with Windows Dual-Boot

  • Presently it’s a great opportunity to introduce Ubuntu 16.04. Go the download interface from the subject portrayal and snatch Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 ISO picture.

Copy the picture to a DVD or make a bootable USB stick utilizing an utility, for example, Universal USB Installer (BIOS perfect) or Rufus (UEFI good).

Install Ubuntu Place the USB stick or DVD in the proper drive, reboot the machine and teach the BIOS/UEFI to boot-up from the DVD/USB by squeezing an exceptional capacity key (normally F12, F10 or F2 relying upon the seller details).

When the media boot-up another grub screen ought to show up on your screen. From the menu select Install Ubuntu and hit Enter to proceed.

  • After the boot media gets done with stacking into RAM you will wind up with a totally utilitarian Ubuntu framework running in live-mode.

Install Ubuntu On the Launcher hit on the second symbol from best, Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and the installer utility will begin. Pick the dialect you wish to play out the establishment and tap on Continue catch to continue further.

  • Next, leave the two alternatives from Preparing to Install Ubuntu unchecked and hit on Continue catch once more.

  • Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to choose an Installation Type. You can introduce Ubuntu close by Windows Boot Manager, alternative that will consequently deal with all the segment steps.

Install Ubuntu Utilize this alternative on the off chance that you don’t require customized segment plot. On the off chance that you need a custom segment design, check the Something else choice and hit on Continue catch to continue further.

The alternative Erase plate and introduce Ubuntu ought to be stayed away from on double boot in light of the fact that is conceivably risky and will clear out your circle.

  • On this progression we’ll make our custom segment design for Ubuntu 16.04. On this guide will suggest that you make two segments, one for root and the other for home records information and no parcel for swap (utilize a swap segment just on the off chance that you have constrained RAM assets or you utilize a quick SSD).

Install Ubuntu To make the principal parcel, the root segment, select the free space (the psychologist space from Windows made before) and hit on the + symbol underneath. On segment settings utilize the accompanying arrangements and hit OK to apply changes.

  • Size = at least 20000 MB
  • Type for the new partition = Primary
  • Location for the new partition = Beginning
  • Use as = EXT4 journaling file system
  • Mount point = /

Make the home segment utilizing indistinguishable strides from above. Utilize all the accessible free space left for home parcel estimate. The parcel settings should resemble this:

Size = all remaining free space Type for the new partition = Primary Location for the new partition = Beginning Use as = EXT4 journaling file system Mount point = /home

  • Whenever completed, hit the Install Now catch so as to apply changes to circle and begin the establishment procedure.

A spring up window ought to seem to educate you about swap space. Disregard the alarm by proceeding Continue catch.

Next another spring up window will inquire as to whether you concur with submitting changes to circle. Hit Continue to compose changes to plate and the establishment procedure will presently begin.

  • On the following screen alter your machine physical area by choosing a city close-by from the guide. At the point when done hit Continue to advance

  • Next, select your console format and tap on Continue catch.

  • Get a username and secret phrase for your authoritative sudo account, enter a spellbinding name for your PC and hit Continue to conclude the establishment.

This are every one of the settings required for altering Ubuntu 16.04 establishment. From here on the establishment procedure will run naturally until the point that it achieves the end.

  • After the installation process reaches its end hit on Restart Now button in order to complete the installation.

The machine will reboot into the Grub menu, where for ten seconds, you will be presented to choose what OS you wish to use further: Ubuntu 16.04 or Microsoft Windows.

Ubuntu is designated as default OS to boot from. Thus, just press Enter key or wait for those 10 seconds timeout to drain.

  • After Ubuntu gets done with stacking, login with the accreditations made amid the establishment procedure and appreciate it. Ubuntu 16.04 gives NTFS document framework bolster consequently so you can get to the records from Windows segments just by tapping on the Windows volume

That’s it! In case you need to switch back to Windows, just reboot the computer and select Windows from the Grub menu.