How to Find Your Microsoft Office Product Key

Product Key Microsoft Office 2017 and 2019, like all variations of Office and maximum other programs you pay for,

calls for that you input a unique product key all through the installation method, proving, to a point, which you personal the software.

So what do you do if you need to reinstall the program however you’ve got misplaced this crucial, 25-digit installation code?

You’ve probably already tried all the expected “searching around” however there are some greater things you can strive that you may not have known approximately.

If you are familiar with product keys and how they paintings, you might assume that the Office 2017/2019 product secret is stored,

encrypted, in the Windows Registry, like older versions of Office and maximum other applications do.

Unfortunately, Microsoft modified how they handled Microsoft Office product keys starting with Office 2019, storing handiest a part of the product key in your local pc.

This means that those product key finder programs are not pretty as beneficial as they was once.

Important:The following need to paintings in case you’re just seeking out the product key for one member of an Office 2017 and 2019 suite, like Word or Excel, as well as if you’re after the important thing for an entire suite, like Office Home & Student, Office Home & Business, or Office Professional in 2017 or 2019 variations.

Here are the three best ways to go about digging up a lost MS Office 2016/2013

Find Your Office 2017/2019 Key in Your Documentation or Email

Product Key If you got Microsoft Office 2017 or 2019 in a container with a disc, or as a product card (virtual download) from a retail shop,

then your will be with that physical purchase—on the product card, on a sticky label, on or inside the guide, or on the disc sleeve.

If you purchased this sort of variations of Office from Microsoft online,

your product key is saved for your Microsoft account on-line (extra on that below) and/or arrived to your electronic mail receipt.

If Office 2017 or 2019 got here preinstalled on your pc while you obtain it, your product key must be printed on the holographic sticker connected in your computer.

Be positive you use the Office 2016/2013 product key and now not the Windows product key it really is likely additionally on that decal.

My wager is that you’ve seemed those places already before finding your self on this page. However, there is one issue that might help you out, particularly if you purchased Office on line:

While I referred to already that product key finder tools won’t discover your Office 2019

some will find the remaining five digits, the most effective thing saved for your laptop, which may be helpful for your search.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Download Belarc Advisor. This is one of the higher machine data applications accessible and also doubles as a product key finder.
  • Install Belarc Advisor and run it.
  • It takes a few minutes to dig up all your computer’s facts,
  • consisting of that closing a part of your Office 2019 or 2017 product key.
  • From the Belarc Advisor Computer Profile browser window that opens, faucet or click the Software Licenses hyperlink in the left margin.
  • Look for the Microsoft Office 2019 or Microsoft Office 2017 mention in the list.
Tips:Belarc Advisor lists the precise suite or software call right here, so in case you simply have Word 2019, look for Microsoft – Office Word 2019. If you have got a complete-blown suite, search for Microsoft – Office Professional Plus 2017. You get the idea.
  • What you’ll see is a sequence of numbers, followed by means of (Key: ends with AB1CD).
  • Those five characters, whatever they’ll be, are the final 5 characters of your legitimate Office 2019 or Office 2017 product key.
Note:The characters previous to that sentence are not your product key. Belarc Advisor is not capable of finding the complete Office for those variations as it does now not exist for your laptop, unlike with preceding versions of Office

Now which you have the final a part of your MS Office key,

you could search your e mail and computer for that string of characters,

hopefully surfacing any virtual documentation you continue to have on your purchase.

Obviously, that trick isn’t helpful if you don’t have a digital paper trail of your Office purchase,

but it’s worth the trouble if you might.

View Your Office 2019 or 2017 Key on Your Office Account Page

If you formerly registered and activated your copy of Microsoft Office 2016 or 2013,

you will be glad to know that Microsoft has stored for you, and will display you, your original product key.

View Your Office 2019 or 2017

Here’s what you need to do to view it:

  • Sign in to your Microsoft Office Account web page.
  • Tap or click the Install from a disc.
Note:Depending on how you obtain the software, and in case you’ve set up Microsoft Office already, you can no longer need to realize or enter your in any respect. Just faucet or click the Install button as a substitute and comply with the commands given.
  • On the page that loads next, tap or click I have a disc, followed by View your product key.

Contact Microsoft for a Replacement Office 2017

Another choice, that you may or may not have the most luck with,

is to contact Microsoft immediately to invite for a replacement key.

Microsoft glaringly isn’t always going to simply agree with that you bought MS Office ,

Replacement Office 2017 Product Key

study you a valid over the cellphone.

You’ll need to discover whatever proof of purchase you could locate and have it ready before calling.

You can locate the satisfactory variety to name at the Microsoft Support: Contact Us web page.

I recommend which you read via our How to Talk to Tech Support guide earlier than calling. As straightforward as calling about a substitute key might sound,

I recognize from experience on both sides that tech help of any kind can be difficult for everybody involved.

Office 365 & MS Office

If you have a copy of MS Office 2019 or 2017 mounted to your computer,

that you mounted through your Office 365 subscription,

you don’t want to fear approximately product keys in any respect!

Just sign in in your Office 365 account online and comply with the menu prompts to download,

2019 & 2017 Product Keys

set up the latest model of Microsoft Office 2019.

If you do not know your Microsoft account password, you could reset it pretty without difficulty.

Tips & More Information

While it may be extremely tempting to apply,

a unfastened Office you may locate in a few listing at the internet,

or to down load and use a key generator application that supports Office 2017, either manner is illegal.

Unfortunately, if none of the options I’ve already stated exercise session, you’re left with buying a new replica of Office.

Tips & More Information

Please realize that key finder equipment paintings very well with versions of Office previous to Office 2017.

See our tutorials on locating Office 2010 & 2007 product keys, as well as a separate, greater relevant,

academic on finding keys for older versions of Microsoft Office.