How to Disable Form Autofill in Google Chrome

Autofill in Google Chrome,Protect your privacy by disabling the Chrome Autofill feature


Autofill in Google Chrome ,By default, the Google Chrome browser saves positive facts which you enter into website forms along with your name and cope with. It uses this statistics the following time you’re triggered to go into the identical records in a comparable shape on another internet site.

Autofill saves our time with the aid of suggesting the statistics that we might also have used previously even as filling an information on-line.

Note: Instructions in this newsletter practice to Google Chrome for laptop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.


The Autofill feature saves keystrokes and offers an detail of convenience, but there can be a privateness issue. If different human beings use your browser and also you don’t experience comfortable having your shape facts saved, disable the Autofill function in only some steps.

01.Open the Chrome browser and visit the main menu (the 3 vertical dots).

02.Select Settings.

TIP: If you don’t want to apply the menu, vicinity the cursor inside the deal with bar, type chrome://settings, and press Enter.

03.In the Autofill segment, select Payment methods.

04.Turn off the Save and fill price methods toggle.

05.If you need to permit Autofill at a later time, turn on the Save and fill price techniques toggle.

How to Disable Autofill inside the Chrome Mobile App

The Autofill function also works in Chrome mobile apps. To disable autofill in the apps:

Disable Form Autofill

01.Open the Chrome app.

02.Tap the Chrome menu represented with the resource of 3 vertically aligned dots.

03.Tap Settings.

04.Tap Payment Methods.

05.Turn off the Save and fill payment methods toggle.

06.Tap the Back arrow to return to the Settings page.

07.Tap the Back arrow to return to the browser window.