How to Connect a PS4 Controller to Your Android Device

Connect a PS4 Controller,There became a dark time, lengthy, lengthy in the past (six years or so), whilst Android changed into nevertheless a platform in its nascent level, and to truely unlock its satisfactory capabilities, you needed to root your tool, but no extra. One of the various things you can do now with out rooting is connect your PS4 controller to your Android phone or pill through Bluetooth. We’ll display you the way to do it in this text, as well as deal with a teething lag trouble a few users have pronounced while the usage of the PS4 controller with Android.

Connect a PS4 Controller to Your Phone

The actual system of connecting your PS4 controller to your device couldn’t be easier: simply do precisely what you’d do with some other Bluetooth device you need to connect. First, turn on Bluetooth to your device, then visit the Bluetooth menu (inside the Quick Menu or the Settings menu -> Connected devices).

In the Connected Devices menu, tap ‘Pair new device’ for the telephone to start searching for Bluetooth gadgets.

Next, preserve down the SHARE and PLAYSTATION buttons to your PS4 controller until the light bar on the controller starts offevolved flashing which indicates it’s trying to find Bluetooth devices.

The PS4 controller should appear at the “Pair new tool” display as a “Wireless Controller.” Tap it to connect the PS4 controller to your Android tool. You are now officially connected and might navigate your Android homescreens and (more importantly) play games using the controller.

Connect a PS4 Controller,Play Android Games Using Your PS4 Controller

This will work slightly in a different way, relying on which undertaking you’re gambling, however usually controller-like This will work barely in a different way, counting on which activity you’re gambling, however

generally controller-well suited video video games need to discover the PS4 controller and routinely map the proper buttons to it. You have to have the choice to re-map the controls in each individual sport if the default layout doesn’t fit your needs, and each emulator offers you the choice to remap

the controls, in order that shouldn’t be a problem.Minded video video games want to discover the PS4 controller and robotically map the right buttons to it. You need to have the selection to re-map the controls in every individual recreation if the default format doesn’t fit you, and each emulator gives you the choice to remap the controls, so that shouldn’t be a trouble.

However, there’s a hassle with the PS4 controller on Android that you must be cautious of, and that we permit you to repair.

Fix PS4 Controller Lag on Android

Something that you can enjoy after connecting the PS4 controller for your Android tool is some input lag which renders any games requiring brief reflexes unplayable. The option to that is a touch app called Bluetooth Auto Connect.

This app robotically connects Bluetooth devices you specify on your telephone, and you could tweak it with various things like “Continuous connect,” which robotically connects your device each x seconds. First, download Bluetooth Auto Connect. (People have suggested that the trendy version doesn’t paintings as well as version four.2.2, so quality use that one.) Remember to allow unknown sources to down load the APK.

Next, install the APK, and open Bluetooth Auto Connect. Then scroll down to “Advanced Options” (at the same time as your PS4 controller is connected), scroll to the very bottom, and tap “Connect Now.” This should zap your PS4 controller into running properly.

If you’re nevertheless experiencing issues, go to “Advanced Options” in Bluetooth Auto Connect, faucet “Continuous Connect,” and set it to somewhere among two and fifteen seconds, which ought to assist you keep away from the dreaded lag hassle. Experiment with distinctive times to peer which goes great for you.


The PS4 controller to Android connection isn’t a super manner yet, as you can see by way of our inclusion of a workaround, but it’s getting there, and if you’re prepared to make those small tweaks, you’ll be surprised on the effectiveness of your device as a gaming system.

Now all you want to do is get one of those fancy clamps that attaches your controller in your smartphone, and you’re set. The one inside the hyperlink even consists of a cable so you can join the controller directly and now not must worry about Bluetooth latency, and this one from Nyko is supposedly pretty precise. Happy gaming!