How to Completely Remove All Google Apps From Android

Remove Let’s be sincere, Google is high-quality. It gives the exceptional app and services totally free. But there’s also no denying that nothing comes at no cost. If you are the usage of a free service, you pay for it both through watching ads or along with your statistics. So, after I decided to prevent Google from hoarding my facts, I desired to do something concrete. Like, the query in my mind became – can I use my Android Phone without Google?

Remove, I even have seen a variety of articles and movies at the Internet doing the same. But mainly they switch over to an iPhone or cut themselves of Android absolutely. I wanted to try this on an Android phone due to the fact as far as I are aware of it’s speculated to be open-source. So, this shouldn’t be as difficult as every body thinks!

Remove, Completely Remove All Google Apps From Android

Remove Well, a custom ROM might do the trick but since the evolvement of Android, apps have more and more started the use of the Google API. So, even after the custom ROM, apps could be relied on Play Services ie. Google API to feature. Next, I bumped into microG that’s an opportunity to Play Services. It’s exceptionally smaller in size than Google Apps, plus it functions as a clone for Google’sproprietary libraries. Meaning, any app that requests for Google’s library or API would be handled by way of microG’s API and libraries. Thus, I have an answer for my first trouble.

Luckily, microG is available in bundled with Lineage OS. So, all I must do is flash my Android with the microG variation of Lineage OS. I am using the modern day construct of Lineage 16.0 construct on pinnacle of Android Pie for my Google Pixel. Following are the steps on a way to flash Lineage OS for microG.

Remove, Flash Lineage OS for microG

Before, we begin this system, make certain you have disabled display pattern and password. In the contemporary version of Android, Google prevents 0.33-party custom recovery tool from decrypting System Files. So, to be able to avoid similarly troubles, disable the display screen lock. In addition to that, take the backup of your Android in your computer because we’re approximately to wipe the whole lot.

  1. Make positive which you have USB debugging turned on your device. To that, visit the settings and turn on developer mode by means of tapping at the build quantity 5 instances.

Now, once you have got the developer options enabled, head over to it underneath the System Options menu. Under the developer mode, navigate to the Debugging section and switch on USB Debugging.

2.Next, we need to reboot the cellphone into fastboot mode. To do that, strength off your cellphone first. Once completed, press the electricity and volume down simultaneously until you notice the subsequent display. Now, connect your cellphone to the laptop through USB.

Alternatively, you may also fastboot your cellphone via ADB. Connect your telephone to the PC thru USB. Now, open the command set off and go to the ADB location. Type the following command besides directly to fastboot mode.

3. Now, we want to easy and wipe the previous OS files after which install Lineage OS. To try this, I am the use of a custom restoration tool referred to as TWRP. You can download TWRP from here depending at the tool you are working with. After downloading the report, make sure you have got placed it inside the ADB folder. Now besides to TWRP, beneath is the command.

4. Once you’re in TWRP, you’ll be asked whether or not you need to permit TWRP to make changes or preserve it as Read Only. We want to allow TWRP to make modifications therefore swipe on the slider to allow the permission.

5.Once you are within the TWRP Menu. Tap on the second one button called “Wipe”. Here we are able to wipe the preceding OS documents and directories. Tap at the Wipe button to go to the subsequent page.

6.Now below the Wipe Options, faucet on the Advanced button at the bottom left of the display screen.

7.Now, in the Advanced Wipe menu, pick out Dalvik/ART cache, System, and Data. This will cast off device files, app facts, on the Internal Storage. After that, swipe to wipe the information.

8.After it is carried out, we are going to sideload Lineage OS. If that’s a brand new time period to you, it virtually means flashing zip documents on my Android from my laptop. It’s only a lazy manner to shop steps of shifting files from laptop to the smartphone. To go to the sideload mode at the smartphone, go back to the primary menu and tap on the “Advanced” button.

9.Now from the Advanced Settings, faucet on the ADB sideload button and then swipe to go into Sideload. Now, the smartphone is in sideload mode and can receive commands from ADB on the computer.

10.Once inside the sideload mode, head over to the ADB command line at the PC. Now, we want to flash the Lineage OS for microG zip report at the smartphone. Copy the Lineage OS zip document inside the ADB folder. After that, kind the following command.

11.Now, you want to patiently watch for ADB to put in Lineage OS. The set up technique at the ADB command line may also get finished midway but don’t worry, its suitable. Once done, click on on the “Reboot System button” at the lowest right corner.

12.In case you get a warning like “No OS hooked up!”, ignore the message. TWRP is not capable of stumble on the recently flashed OS. Swipe to Reboot to System.

Now, the first boot will take time round 10 mins, so don’t panic right there. Leave the smartphone and let it boot. In case, you’re stuck in boot loop, repeat the method once more and this time wipe the inner garage as nicely.

Remove, Setup microG

Once the smartphone has booted up effectively, we are able to move in advance and setup microG. Since this is a microG variation of Lineage OS, you don’t want to put in some thing one by one. To take a look at if microG is functioning well, go to the microG settings in the App Drawer. In the microG settings, tap on the primary choice referred to as “Self-Check”.

Now within the Self-Check menu, you would see a lot of sub-sections. We need to test if microG is correctly signature spoofing, it has all programs installed, and has all of the necessary permissions. For that, you need to test if all the checkboxes are ticked beneath “Signature Spoofing Support”, “Installed Packages”, and “Permissions Granted”.

Remove, In case you get any warnings or issues, you may uninstall microG and re-set up it from the microG legit internet site. Now, reboot your telephone and check the Self-test segment once more for mistakes or warning. Now, that we’ve got microG, we want an app repository for downloading apps.

Remove, F-Droid is already pre-set up however it has an extremely confined amount of apps. So, I may want to an open-source app repository referred to as YALP shop which resources apps from Play Store. You can down load apps circuitously from play keep with out signing in. YALP keep also consists of Exodus Privacy which tells you about the distinctive trackers in the app.

Remove, But YALP keep has a problem that it can not handle cut up APKs. So, it won’t be able to set up apps like Twitter, Sync, Netflix, and so forth. So, on the equal strains, I determined a fork of YALP store called Aurora Store. In addition to putting in cut up APKs, it has also protected automobile-replace of apps and switching among multiple anonymous debts.

Remove, GApps Alternatives

  • Since we won’t be using any Gapps, we need an excellent replacement for them. Following are my alternatives for GApps.
  • Call and message I have already got the AOSP versions.
  • Next, a non-public comfortable DuckDuckGo browser to replace Google Chrome.
  • OpenStreetMap as an alternative for Google maps
  • For video streaming, there’s no clear YouTube alternative, so I will try and stick with Netflix and HotStar.
  • Dropbox as opposed to Google Drive.
  • Prime snap shots rather than Google pictures
  • Open digital camera as opposed to GCam or you may stick to the Lineage OS in-built cam.
  • And sooner or later ProtonMail in preference to Gmail
  • In case you’re questioning, yes those apps from other tech giants. But, the aspect is via sharing all your records in a single vicinity ie. With Google you’re making it centralized. Centralized records is as a substitute extra vulnerable and could cause correct profiling. However, in case you percentage it with one of a kind agencies it’s far more allotted and much less inclined. Secondly, Amazon isn’t going to percentage your records with Microsoft and neither Microsoft will proportion it with Samsung. So, this situation is higher than GApps.

Remove, Week of Experience

Now, in my week of revel in, I didn’t have any problems in putting in apps from the Aurora Store. Due, to microG I was capable of use most of the apps with minimal problems. To begin speaking about troubles, first off maximum of the Android apps use Google Cloud messaging API to push notifications from the server to the cell App. It does work partly with microG, I do get random notifications. With WhatsApp, it works perfectly however with Instagram, I must regularly open the app and refresh it to get notifications.

Remove, Another famous google API is the Google Maps API. Now, most of the apps are trusted the Maps API to get the place or draw the map. Now, Instagram and other apps can pull area name flawlessly with the help of microG. But, when it comes to drawing maps there are problems. For instance, the Uber app shows a really glitchy map. It is in a position to tug my cutting-edge region and book a cab however the UI is extremely glitchy and the map is undrawn at locations.

Remove, All the app alternatives labored well and I by no means became lower back to using GApps except Open Street Maps. I had to switch to Here Maps which has its personal set of trackers and information collection. But, it really works well and at instances I determined the enjoy similar to that of Google Maps. So, as a transfer, I could live with Here Maps.

Remove, Closing Words

This week of enjoy became simply an eye-starting trade for me. I constantly felt that come what may I am now not capable of make time in my daily time table for my pastimes. But, within the pursuit of reducing data mapping from Google, I realized where I am spending most of my leisure time. YouTube hints are great but they function a rabbit hole. Since I am not much of a film buff, I ended up spending the YouTube watch time on reading books or with family. This without a doubt bumped up my productivity and reduced the fatigue level.

Remove, I could definitely endorse you to do that out as it’s miles practically possible. Let me know what turned into your enjoy and if you would like to feature some thing to mine. Chao!