How to change the time on your Fitbit

change the time on your Fitbit,Your Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch is greater than a pedometer – in addition to all of the fitness records it is able to produce.

It’s in all likelihood additionally your manner to inform the time too.

Quite often you can discover your Fitbit is displaying the wrong time.

Whether it’s due to Daylight Savings or you’ve got traveled to any other timezone, you may locate the tracker has switched to the incorrect time.

Rather than leaving it for 6 months until the time’s proper again.

You can virtually pretty genuinely change the time on your health tracker.

To try this, we’ve got given you a full manual beneath that’ll train you the way to transfer up the time for your Fitbit.

How to change the time on your Fitbit

change the time on your Fitbit, The simplest manner to change the time on your tracker is to sync it up in your smartphone.

You’ll discover your device will often do that automatically, and that is how the tracker transfers information so that you can wreck it down within the app.

When your tracker syncs with your smartphone, it will additionally update the time.

We advocate keeping all-day sync on inside the alternatives to your Fitbit.

Which need to imply it pings all through the day and maintains you on an appropriate time

To manually sync your tracker, you will want to open up the Fitbit app and find the photo of whatever tracker you need to sync.

Tap on that – it ought to be at the pinnacle of the display – and then pull all the way down to refresh.

After some moments, your tool have to sync on your tracker if it’s nearby and then, with any luck, update the time to the right time area as properly.

What if that doesn’t work?

If that hasn’t worked, you will have to manually set your time zone.

The appropriate news is that this is not too tough to do.

If you head into the Fitbit app, you may find an icon that looks like a little ID card that asserts ‘Account’.

It’s frequently inside the backside right hand nook.

Within this menu, press ‘Advanced Settings’ and discover the choice that asserts ‘Time Zone’.

From inside right here, you will want to turn off the choice that announces ‘Set Automatically’ after which you may be able to exchange the ‘Time Zone’ to some thing you need it to show.

You’ll then need to sync your tool, like we have defined above, for the replace to take

How do you change from 12 hour to a 24 hour clock?

This is an clean exchange to make too, and you will be capable of do it via the authentic Fitbit website.

Click on this link, and register together with your official Fitbit account details to deliver up your Profile.

In the pinnacle right, you will see a little cog icon which you should press on after which pick ‘Settings’ inside the following menu.

Scroll down via your details, and you’ll find an choice known as ‘Clock Display Time’.

If you press in this, you will then be capable of transfer between 12 hour and 24 hour clocks with ease.

Hit submit at the lowest of the web page, and the following time your tool syncs in your app you will then locate it gives the clock type which you’ve chosen.