How to change keyboard in Android?

One of the oldest features of Android is the capacity to change the virtual keyboard. For a long time, Android became the handiest cellular OS that had this option. Apple in the end got on board, however Android’s implementation is still miles ahead. Some of the most famous apps inside the Play Store are keyboards. Names like Swiftkey and Swype have been round for years. If you haven’t attempted a unique keyboard, you’re missing out. We’ll manual you along the manner.

Installing a Keyboard

The first aspect we need to do is deploy a keyboard from the Play Store. There are actually hundreds of keyboards to choose from. Simply type “keyboard” in the search bar and also you’ll get a plethora of options. Our favored is Swiftkey, but if you’re still new to keyboards you might need initially some thing greater easy. Gboard through Google is a good area to start. Install the app such as you usually might.

Change Keyboards in the Settings

Android offers two methods for converting the keyboard. The first method we’ll cross over involves going deep into the Settings app. This system can be barely distinct relying on how the Settings app is organized and classified for your tool. The key’s to find the Language & input section.

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Scroll all the way down to Language & enter
  3. Select Current keyboard
  4. A pop-up will display the activated keyboards. If your keyboard isn’t listed, faucet Select More or Choose keyboards
    (if it’s miles listed, genuinely choose it and pass to step 7)
  5. Toggle your newly established keyboard on, faucet OK, and pass back
  6. Select Current keyboard once more and pick the brand new one
  7. On the same display, faucet for your new keyboard to set it up

Change Keyboards at the Fly

The second technique is basically a shortcut to step four in the preceding approach. This is also the method you may use to switch keyboards speedy at the same time as you’re typing. If you have a specific keyboard for emoji, that is how you’ll speedy switch keyboards in the middle of a message.

  1. Start typing everywhere
  2. Pull down the notification color at the same time as the keyboard is displayed
  3. You need to see a notification that says Change keyboard. Tap it
  4. You’ll see a pop-up with the to be had keyboards. Choose one or faucet Select More/Choose keyboards
  5. Toggle the keyboard on, faucet OK, and move lower back
  6. You have to be within the Settings app now
  7. Go to Language & Input
  8. Select the newly installed keyboard to set it up

Now that your keyboard is activated, it will show up inside the pop-up whenever. Anytime you have the keyboard open you may faucet the Change keyboard notification to speedy switch keyboards.