How to Turn Off the Narrator on Xbox One

Quiet that voice so you can concentrate

The narrator is a display reader feature for Xbox One that reads menus, buttons, and other types of textual content out loud. It’s designed as an accessibility choice for gamers who have visible impairments, but it may develop into a massive annoyance if it gets caught on accidentally and you can’t figure out how to turn it off.

Ways to Turn Off the Voice Narration on Xbox One

There are three ways to turn the narrator off on your Xbox One:

  • Through the power menu: This is the easiest technique, however it doesn’t provide any greater options.
  • Through the gadget settings menu: This approach takes a little longer, but it has extra alternatives.
  • With voice commands: This technique is likewise very smooth, however it only works if you can use voice instructions together with your Xbox One.

How to Turn Off the Narrator From the Power Menu

The easiest manner to turn off the narrator is thru the Xbox One electricity menu. The down facet of that simplicity is this approach is likewise the primary way people by chance turn the function on without understanding.

Here’s how to turn off the Xbox One narrator using the electricity menu:

  • Turn on your Xbox One, and verify that the narrator is on.
Tips:When the narrator is on, gadgets which you pick out are outlined by way of a further light blue box, and you may pay attention a text-to-speech voice every time you are making a brand new selection.
  • Press and hold the Xbox button on your controller until the power menu opens.
  • Press the menu button (three horizontal lines) to turn off the narrator.
  • Return to the home screen, and verify that the narrator is off.

If you want to keep away from turning the narrator on by accident, the next set of commands includes an option to trouble a warning earlier than turning the narrator on.

How to Turn off the Xbox One Narrator in the Settings Menu

Turning the Xbox One narrator off the use of the settings menu is greater complicated than the use of the strength menu, however it affords numerous alternatives that the electricity menu technique doesn’t. The electricity menu most effective offers a simple toggle, while the settings menu gives you extra manipulate over the narrator function.

If you want to set a warning so as to help save you you from by accident turning the narrator on in the destiny, this method gives you that choice.

Here’s how to turn the Xbox One narrator off thru the system settings menu:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide.
  • Navigate to System > Settings
  • Select Ease of Access.
  • Select Narrator.
  • Make sure the Narrator on box is selected, and press the A button on your controller to remove the check mark.
  • If you want to avoid accidentally turning the narrator on in the future, select Warn me when turning Narrator on, and make sure the box is checked.
  • The narrator is now off, and you will be able to navigate menus and play games without your Xbox talking to you.

How to Turn Off the Narrator Using Kinect or Cortana

Xbox One consoles support voice commands thru the Kinect peripheral and headsets. If you have voice controls grew to become on, then you may disable the narrator with one of the following voice instructions:

  • “Hey Cortana, turn off narrator.”
  • “Xbox, flip off narrator.”

If you have got Cortana turned on, then you definitely need to use the Cortana command. If you have got Cortana became off, you then want to apply the Xbox command. Neither of those commands will paintings in case you don’t have voice controls grew to become on in any respect.

How to Turn the Narrator Back On

The Xbox One narrator is an annoyance to quite a few people, but it’s a treasured function for others. If you need to have the narrator on, and you accidentally turned it off, you could do so thru the energy menu, the settings menu, or a voice command.

Here are the voice commands to show the Xbox One narrator on:

  • “Hey Cortana, activate narrator.”
  • “Xbox, switch on narrator.”

Here’s how to show the narrator on via the system settings menu, which is where you may additionally be able to get entry to different effective ease of get right of entry to features:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Navigate to System > Settings.
  • Select Ease of Access.
  • Select Narrator.
Note: If you benefit from narrator, you may also benefit from the other ease of access options that you can access from this menu.
  • Select Narrator on, and press the A button on your controller to make sure the box is checked.
Tips: The other options on this screen give you greater control over how narrator works, including access to controller and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Return to the home screen, and verify that the narrator is on.
  • The narrator will remain on until you turn it off.