Embed a YouTube Video in a WordPress Post

YouTube Video, To add a YouTube video to a post in WordPress. Log into your WordPress account and write a brand new submit. Be positive to go away a clean line wherein you want the YouTube video to seem in the final. Posted put up for your blog.

Switch to the HTML Editor View in WordPress

When you’re done entering the text for your post. Select the “HTML” tab to switch to the HTML Editor view in WordPress.

Find the YouTube Video that You Want to Embed in Your WordPress Post

Open a brand new window on your browser, visit YouTube.Com. And discover the video you need to embed into your WordPress submit. Copy the HTML code inside the text field labeled “Embed”.

Notice that while you click inside the Embed text box. The window might also amplify displaying numerous options you could pick out. And select from to customize the video’s look within your weblog publish. For instance, you could pick out to show associated videos, which includes a border, and change the scale. It’s as much as you in case you want to alter these settings or not. If you do change those alternatives, the code within the Embed textual content box will routinely replace. Therefore, reproduction the Embed code ​once you make any customization changes.

Paste the Embed Code from YouTube into Your WordPress Post

Return to the window in which you have got your WordPress post open. And click in the HTML editor text field. With a purpose to place your cursor at the beginning of the first line. Where you want the YouTube video to appear within your final. Published submit. Paste the code here. After which choose the “Publish” button on the right facet of your screen to publish your submit.

It’s important to paste the Embed code just earlier than you hit the Publish button. If you do some thing else on your publish after pasting the Embed code. The YouTube video may not appear effectively on your very last, posted publish. If that happens, you will have to go back to the HTML editor, delete the code you pasted. Re-paste it and republish your publish.

YouTube Video, View Your Live Post

Visit your blog to view your live post and make certain it posted effectively. If no longer, go back to Step 2. And repeat the copying and pasting of the Embed code and republish your publish.