How to Create an Alias Email Address in

Create an Alias Email Address,In Outlook.Com, like most email clients, an alias is a nickname you use on your electronic mail account. In Outlook.Com, it could be an electronic mail deal with or telephone wide variety.

Use aliases to reply to humans with a extraordinary e-mail address from the same account. For example, when you have an @outlook.Com e-mail deal with for work, installation an alias for private e-mail. Or, in case you modified your name and prefer to use it with your current account, set up an alias to preserve your contacts and archived e-mail. Both addresses percentage the equal inbox, contact listing, and account settings.

Create an Alias Email Address

Microsoft permits customers to have up to 10 aliases on their debts at any given time, and you can use any of them to work in Outlook.Com.

To installation a brand new Microsoft alias electronic mail cope with you could use with your Outlook.Com mail account:

1.Sign in to the Microsoft account website.

2.Go to Your info.

3.Select Manage how you sign in to Microsoft.

4.If you use two-factor authentication, request and enter the necessary code.

5.In the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft page, select Add email.

6.To add an email address you already have, select Add an existing email address as a Microsoft account alias. Or, to use a new address as an alias, select Create a new email address and add it as an alias.

7.Select Add alias.

8. If prompted, enter your password again for security purposes, then select Sign in.

9.Your newly added alias is listed on the Manage how you sign in to Microsoftpage under Account aliases.

Your primary Outlook.Com e mail deal with is the only you operate to open your Microsoft account. By default, you can register to your account with any of your aliases, even though you could change that setting. For example, if you visit websites that is probably hazardous, use an alias that does not have signal-in privileges on your account for safety.

About Microsoft Aliases All of your Microsoft aliases share the identical Outlook.Com inbox, touch listing, password, and account settings as your primary alias, even though a number of this will be modified. You can choose to turn off the signal-in privileges of an alias you hand out to strangers to defend your records. Other notes:

An existing @hotmail.Com, @stay.Com, or @msn.Com deal with can’t be used as an alias. An alias that is already associated with every other Microsoft account cannot be used. The number one alias for an account may be changed at any time.

Remove an Alias

To remove an alias from your account:

1.Sign in to the Microsoft account website.

2.Go to Your info.

3.Select Manage how you sign in to Microsoft.

4.In the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft page, select Remove next to the alias you want to remove from your account.

5.In the Are you sure you want to remove this alias from your account dialog box, select Remove.


You may be caused to go into your password in for security measures.

Removing an alias does no longer save you it from getting used again. To absolutely delete an alias, you have to near your Microsoft account, because of this you lose get admission to on your inbox. The conditions surrounding the reuse of an alias vary as follows:

06.If the alias you eliminate changed into an electronic mail deal with from a non-Microsoft area (which include @gmail.Com), it is available to be delivered as an alias on some other Microsoft account straight away. If the alias you cast off is an e mail deal with from @outlook.Com, it could be recreated as a new account or alias after a 30-day ready length. Email addresses from @hotmail.Com, @live.Com, or @msn.Com can not be brought once more as an alias to any Microsoft account after they’re removed.