Console Shortcuts for Calendar, Reminders, and Notes on Mac

In case you’re a Mac client searching for a basic and viable day organizer, consider this trio of local macOS applications: Calendar, Reminders, and Notes

When you set up these applications just as you would prefer, you have an object free framework to deal with your calendar, errands, and notes. Besides, in the event that you figure out how to control them with console easy routes, that would be preferable. Furthermore, also, you can find different helpful console alternate routes for these macOS profitability applications in the cheat sheet underneath.

The cheat sheet contains alternate routes for route and search, see the executives, arranging, and more in Calendar, Reminders, and Notes.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is accessible as a downloadable PDF from our dispersion accomplice, TradePub. You should finish a short structure to get to it just because as it were. Download Keyboard Shortcuts for Calendar, Reminders, and Notes on Mac.

Console Shortcuts for Calendar, Reminders, and Notes on Mac


1.Cmd + N

*Include new occasion

2.Choice + Cmd + N

*Include new schedule

3.Move + Cmd + N

*Include new schedule gathering

4.Choice + Cmd + S

*Include new schedule membership

5.Cmd + F

*Feature scan box to look for occasions

6.Cmd + 1

*Change to Day see

7.Cmd + 2

*Change to Week see

8.Cmd + 3

*Change to Month see

9.Cmd + 4

*Change to Year see

10.Cmd + Right Arrow

*Go to following day, week, month, or year

11.Cmd + Left Arrow

*Go to earlier day, week, month, or year

12.Cmd + T

*Change to the present date

13.Move + Cmd + T

*Open popup for changing to explicit date

14.Cmd + (Plus)

*Increment text size

15.Cmd + – (Minus)

*Lessening text size

16.Cmd + R

*Invigorate all schedules

17.Cmd + E

*Alter chosen occasion

18.Esc (when occasion is open)

*Close occasion editorial manager without sparing changes

19.Return (when occasion is open)

*Submit changes to occasion and close occasion editorial manager

20.Cmd + I

*Show Info popup for chose event(s)

21.¹Option + Cmd + I

*Show Inspector popup for chose occasion22.

22.Bolt Keys

*Select occasion (if accessible) in contiguous line/section in pertinent heading

23.Control + Option + Up Arrow

*Day/Week View: Move chosen occasion 15 minutes sooner

24.Month View: Move chosen occasion multi week sooner

*Control + Option + Down Arrow

25.Day/Week View: Move chosen occasion 15 minutes after the fact

*Month View: Move chosen occasion multi week later

26.Control + Option + Right Arrow

*Day/Week/Month View: Move chosen occasion one day later

27.Control + Option + Left Arrow

*Day/Week/Month View: Move chosen occasion one day sooner

28.Move + Cmd + A

*Switch Availability board


1.Cmd + N

*Make new update

2.Move + Cmd + N

*Make new rundown

3.Cmd + ]

*Indent suggestion to make subtask

4.Cmd + [

*Outdent update

5.Cmd + E

*Show all subtasks

6.Move + Cmd + E

*Conceal all subtasks

7.³Cmd + I

*.how Info popup for chose update

8.Cmd + F

*Feature look box to scan for updates

9.²Shift + Cmd + F

*Set/clear banner for chose reminder(s)

10.Control + Cmd + S

*Switch sidebar


1.Cmd + N

*Make new note

2.Move + Cmd + N

*Make new organizer

3.Move + Cmd + A

*Open exchange for connecting document

4.Cmd + K

*Make connect

5.Cmd + F

*Feature search box to look through ebb and flow note

6.Cmd + G

*Feature next query output in current note

7.Move + Cmd + G

*Feature past query output in current note

8.Alternative + Cmd + F

*Feature search box to look through all notes

9.Move + Cmd + T

*Apply Title position

10.Move + Cmd + H

*Apply Heading position

11.Move + Cmd + J

*Apply Subheading position

12.Move + Cmd + B

*Apply Body position

13.Move + Cmd + M

*Apply Monospaced group

14.Move + Cmd + L

*Apply Checklist position

15.Move + Cmd + U

*Imprint chosen agenda things as checked/unchecked

16.Control + Cmd + Up Arrow

*Move current rundown/agenda thing up in list

17.Control + Cmd + Down Arrow

*Move current rundown/agenda thing down in list

18.Cmd + B

*Underline chosen text

19.Cmd + I

*Stress chosen text

20.Cmd + U

*Underline chosen text

21.Cmd + (Plus)

*Increment size of chosen text

22.Cmd + – (Minus)

*Reduction size of chosen text

22.Cmd + Shift + [

*Adjust chosen text flush left

23.Cmd + Shift + \

*Focus chosen text

24.Cmd + Shift + ]

*Adjust chosen text flush right

25.Cmd + [

*Diminishing indent level of chosen substance or line where cursor is set

26.Cmd + ]

*Increment indent level of chosen substance or line where cursor is set

27.Control + Return

*Include line break (delicate come back) to list/agenda thing

28.Alternative + Tab

*Addition tab character in list thing

29.Alternative + Cmd + C

*Duplicate style of choice

30.Alternative + Cmd + V

*Glue duplicated style to choice

31.Cmd + T

*Show Fonts window

31.Move + Cmd + C

*Show Colors window

32.Alternative + Cmd + T

*Make table


*Move cursor to push underneath


*Move spotlight to next cell on right

35.Move + Tab

*Move spotlight to next cell on left

36.Move + Left/Right Arrow

*Select cells individually pertinent way current column

37.Move + Up/Down Arrow

*Select cells individually important way in current segment

38.Alternative + Return

*Include new section in current cell

39.Alternative + Tab

*Include tab character in current cell

40.Alternative + Cmd + Up Arrow

*Include new line above current column

41.Alternative + Cmd + Down Arrow

*Include new line beneath current column

42.Alternative + Cmd + Right Arrow

*Add new section to right of current segment

43.Alternative + Cmd + Left Arrow

*Add new section to left of current segment

44.Cmd + 0

*Show principle Notes window

45.Cmd + 1

*Change to List see for notes

46.Cmd + 2

*Change to Gallery see for notes

47.Cmd + 3

*Change to Attachments Browser

48.Return (when note is chosen in List view or Gallery see)

*Open or change center to chosen note to start composing

49.Cmd + Return

*Open or change center from current note substance to past notes see for example Rundown view or Gallery see

50.Option+ Cmd + S

*Switch Folders sidebar

51.Move + Cmd + . (Enough said)

*Focus in on note content

52.Move + Cmd + , (Comma)

*Zoom out important substance

53.Move + Cmd + 0

*Change note substance to default size

54.⁵Cmd + A (When cursor is in table)

*Select substance of dynamic cell OR

Select table if dynamic cell is unfilled

Normal Shortcuts

56.Cmd + Z

*Fix past activity

57.Move + Cmd + Z

*Turn around fix

58.Cmd + X

*Cut chosen thing

59.Cmd + C

*Duplicate chosen thing

60.Cmd + V

*Glue cut/replicated thing


*Erase chosen thing

62.Cmd + A

*Select all things

63.Cmd + P

*Open Print exchange

64.Cmd + , (Comma)

*Open application inclinations

65.Control + Cmd + F

*Switch Full Screen mode

66.Cmd + M

*Limit window

67.Alternative + Cmd + M

*Limit all windows of current application

68.⁶Cmd + W

*Close current window

69.Alternative + Cmd + W

*Close all windows of current application

70.Cmd + H

*Shroud current application

71.Alternative + Cmd + H

*Shroud all applications with the exception of current application

72.Cmd + Q

*Stop application

¹Shortcut doesn’t work with different occasions, yet on the off chance that you switch between occasions when Inspector is dynamic, its substance are refreshed in like manner.

²Shortcut may not be accessible if iCloud isn’t empowered.

³If different updates are chosen, Info popup for last chosen update is shown.

⁴If cursor is in last column, alternate way adds new line to table.

⁵When dynamic cell is populated, press alternate way twice to choose table.

⁶In Reminders and Notes, alternate way stops application subsequent to shutting window.

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