Chromebook Frozen? 8 Ways to Fix That

If your Chromebook is frozen, there are a number of steps you can take to fix it. Let’s look at reasons why Chromebooks malfunction and learn how to address them.

Causes of Frozen ChromebooksC A Chromebook is any light-weight pc that runs Chrome OS, a stripped down operating device designed basically for working online with Google medical doctors.

Many companies now make Chromebooks, but because they all run the equal software program, all Chromebooks are susceptible to many of the identical issues.

Chromebook Frozen

Typically, Chromebooks freeze, lock up or prevent responding because of one among main reasons:

software problems or hardware troubles. Possible culprits to your Chromebook freezing or strolling gradual can also include:

  • A application that is currently jogging
  • A tool it is plugged into your Chromebook
  • Problems with Chrome OS
  • Internal hardware issues along with your Chromebook

How to Fix a Chromebook That’s Frozen

  • Check mistakes messages. If you’re offered with an error message while your Chromebook is frozen.
  • write down the message and Google seek the precise text the use of another device for insight into what steps you can take. You also can consult the Chrome OS Help Website for further steerage.

display screen is frozen

  • Close some apps. If your display screen is frozen, yet you may nonetheless control the mouse cursor, press the Shift and Escape keys on your keyboard concurrently to convey up the Chrome OS Task Manager.


  • Scan the listing of currently going for walks apps and internet pages. If you spot one it truly is consuming numerous memory, click on it and pick quit challenge.


  • Perform a tough reboot/Shutdown Chromebook If you can’t control the mouse cursor, attempt performing a difficult reboot by using retaining down the Power key till your Chromebook turns off.

Task Manager

  • When you turn it again on, open Task Manager to peer if any apps are taking over too many resources and keep in mind uninstalling them. Keep an eye fixed out for more recent apps you don’t apprehend. Select the column headers to type the app listing.

battery to empty.

  • Drain the battery. If your Chromebook is frozen and may not flip off, unplug your pc from its strength source and permit the battery to empty. Wait three hours to present the CPU time to calm down earlier than reconnecting the charger and turning to your device.

difficult reset

  • Perform a difficult reset. If your Chromebook will no longer boot up at all, you may carry out a hard reset by using protecting down Refresh+Power simultaneously for approximately five second.
Note:The refresh key seems like a circular arrow and is generally positioned at the top of the keyboard. Some Chromebooks have refresh buttons that appearance unique; seek advice from your tool’s user guide for assist locating it.

A difficult reset virtually restarts your Chromebook’s hardware. Therefore, you can lose a number of your configuration possibilities for the trackpad and keyboard, however you’ll now not lose any apps or files with the potential exception of what’s on your Downloads folder.

  • Perform a factory reset. If the techniques above are unsuccessful, then you could need to perform a manufacturing unit reset to your Chromebook.
  • See How to Reset (Powerwash) a Chromebook to Factory Settings
Note:A factory reset, or a powerwash, is not the equal factor as a difficult reset. A manufacturing unit reset will erase all of your documents and return your device to its authentic settings, so bear in mind this technique handiest as a last inn.

Get it professionally repaired. If you are nevertheless having trouble together with your Chromebook, there are probably a few inner hardware issues. Check your device’s warranty to look if you can get it checked out with the aid of a professional totally free.