BTS Breaks YouTube Viewing Record With “Margarine”

The South Korean band has crushed the record recently set by their own tune Dynamite.

BTS have done it once more. A year ago, the South Korean kid band crushed YouTube records with their hit tune Dynamite.

Presently, their new tune Butter has asserted the record for the most YouTube sees inside 24 hours, acquiring more than 113 million perspectives around there.

BTS’ Butter Sets Multiple YouTube Records

In August 2020, BTS appeared Dynamite, their first melody altogether in English. It got around 101.1 million perspectives on YouTube inside the initial 24 hours, which set the standard.

The band’s new tune called Butter arrived on YouTube on May 21, 2021, and broke that record with 113 million perspectives. At this moment it has more than 185 million perspectives, however you can wager that number will just keep on developing.

It additionally set another standard for the biggest YouTube music video debut with more than 3.9 million simultaneous watchers.

The band’s fans are known as the Army—a committed gathering that were almost certainly quick to help the tune break records. Truth be told, the Army get a yell out in the music video.

BTS performed Butter live interestingly at the Billboard Music Awards on May 23. At the hour of composing, that exhibition was accessible on YouTube seven hours prior and as of now has over 7.5 million perspectives.