Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking (DUN)

Dial-Up Networking,Use your phone as an internet modem

Dial-Up Networking, inclusive of a laptop, for net get right of entry to.

The connection makes use of your telephone’s records talents to deliver internet to the alternative tool.

Using Bluetooth to attach your computer to the net is from time to time your only alternative —

There are multiple ways to wirelessly use your mobile phone as a modem via Bluetooth. For example, you may create a Bluetooth private vicinity community (PAN) for internet get admission to.

laptop and then use service-unique software program to apply your smartphone as a modem.

Bluetooth DUN, but, is the “old college” manner of tethering using dial-up networking.

NOTE: Allowing your computer to use your cellphone’s net thru Bluetooth, is often called Bluetooth tethering. Nowadays, tethering is extra often accomplished thru a telephone’s integrated hotspot skills, which create a sort of Wi-Fi community that your pc can be part of to get admission to the net via the smartphone’s mobile connection.

Dial-Up Networking,Bluetooth DUN Instructions

Enable Bluetooth for your phone or tablet.

The option to show on Bluetooth is typically inside the Settings, Connections, or Network menu of your phone. In that Bluetooth menu, pick the choice to make the device discoverable or visible through Bluetooth.

01.On your pc, open the Bluetooth settings and select your smartphone from the list of available gadgets.

In Windows, use the quest device in Control Panel to search for Bluetooth to locate the settings specific in your version of Windows.

If brought on with a PIN at the display screen, make certain same PIN suggests smartphone,then allow connection on each gadgets.

If you’re requested to go into a PIN, strive 0000 or 1234. Check with your smartphone manufacturer if those do not work.

Bluetooth DUN Instructions

If your computer would not have Bluetooth capabilities, you can use a Bluetooth USB adapter.

02.Once your cellphone is attached in your computer, discover the dial-up networking choice

so that your laptop can use your phone’s net and not simply connect with it for audio, etc.

In Windows, you need to be able to double-click on or double-tap the telephone to open its settings

after which click Connect subsequent to the option to use your telephone to connect with the internet.

Your menu can be different, specifically if you’re not the usage of Windows. You would possibly discover the DUN option within the Bluetooth alternatives menu instead.

In a few instances, you might additionally want to enter a username, password, and contact wide variety .

If in doubt, touch your wi-fi company, or do a web search for your service’s APN settings. These settings may be located in an worldwide GPRS Mobile APN settings list.