Best Linux VoIP and Video Chat Software in 2019

The Internet has turn out to be an crucial a part of our existence over the a long time. Even proper now you’re reading this post using this awe-inspiring technological rebellion. Voice chats and Video calls encompass a large a part of our time spent on the net. It’s a quite big marketplace, and no surprise Linux is a tremendous participant on this discipline. There’s pretty an expansion of awesome Voice chat Software for Linux that humans frequently find it difficult to find the pleasant choice for them. If, but, you’re looking for Linux VoIP software, you received’t be upset too. Our specialists have selected the first-class alternatives for both of them.

VoIP vs Voice Chat Programs: Simplest Difference

We often see users scratching their head in relation to differentiating between Linux VoIP software program and voice chat applications. To find this mystery, we’ll attempt to summarize the primary distinction in concepts among these . A VoIP software program is a software that lets users use the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) verbal exchange mechanism to make calls over the net. This is a pretty effective technology as customers can now make calls all over the globe while not having to pay a hefty amount to their mobile vendors.

Below, we’ve got outlined the best VoIP and voice chat software you could discover for extraordinary Linux distros. Our specialists have invested greater efforts to make this listing as informative as possible. Hopefully, you’ll gain the insights you had been looking for from this guide. Since the wide variety of pinnacle-notch voice chat applications is fantastically quick because of its utilization by means of only gamers, they’re less common than VoIP programs.


Ekiga is arguably one of the fine Linux Voice Over IP Software. It changed into formerly known as GnomeMeeting within the Linux network. It’s a contemporary-day VoIP and video conferencing answer for GNOME users that has been gaining momentum in view that its inception into the opensource network. The software program utilizes both the SIP and H.323 protocols to make sure the conversation is as solid as viable. The developers also took vital measures to decrease latency.

Features of Ekiga

  • Ekiga comes with a quick and intuitive GUI which makes it smooth to navigate and function for brand new users.
  • Users could make unfastened audio and video calls to everywhere inside the global over the net.
  • Ekiga offers a powerful SMS to Cellphone carrier via the use of which you could ship SMS globally over net networks.
  • This SIP compliant open source VoIP software offers users with proxy, call forwarding, on the spot messaging, and NAT aid among others.


Jitsi is a effective and revolutionary set of pass-platform opensource initiatives that goal to make voice and video conferencing reachable to the overall humans. The task has developed on account that its emergence to an entire new stage and is currently hailed as one of the first-rate. You can in no time broaden and deploy personalized video conferencing solutions which might be at ease and targeted on privateness. Jitsi also allows advanced routing concepts consisting of simulcast, bandwidth estimations, and scalable video coding.

Features of Jitsi

  • Jitsi is well suited with WebRTC and supports advanced protocols like SIP, XMPP/Jabber, AIM/ICQ, and IRC out of the box.
  • It capabilities built-in computer streaming guide observed by means of an immediate media connection status quo function.
  • Jitsi Videobridge lets in customers to construct first-rate video conferencing infrastructures which are easily scalable.
  • Jitsi Meet API may be leveraged to build custom GUI for video conferencing answers.


Mumble is a completely compelling voice chat software for Linux that allows customers to talk with every different with ease. It makes use of a customer-server structure which allows users to communicate without problems the usage of devoted servers. This opensource voice chat software program is desirable to gamers who need bendy but straightforward voice chat packages to hold on actual-time communique throughout gaming sessions. Although this system only supports its very own protocols, Mumble offers an average best performance from a gamer’s angle.

Features of Mumble

The overlay displays fame information at once from the rendered software and presents a heads-up of who’s listening and speaking whilst in-sport. Mumble has one of the lowest latency costs, making it an ideal voice chat answer for competitive gamers. It consists of effective encryption strategies for ensuring the voice messages are secure and gained’t fall within the hand of malicious customers. It customers certificate for authentication and may apprehend your pals throughout distinctive servers.


Linphone is without any doubt many of the first-rate open supply VoIP software available for Linux. This net telephony software allows customers to make free voice and video calls directly over traditional IP networks. Linphone additionally supports instant text messaging and springs with an awe-placing GTK+ GUI for extra truthful navigation. Seasoned customers can run this system as a console-mode application (linphonec) also. It is compatible with the famous SIP protocol and is cross-platform.

Features of Linphone

  • Linphone offers a handy GUI interface that’s quite appealing and makes navigation a breeze.
  • It comes with out of the container support for audio conferencing and calls transferring.
  • Linphone we could customers proportion photos and documents right away and supports HD video.
  • The incorporation of the GNU GPL license makes it viable to customize and extend this Linux voice over IP software program pretty effortlessly.


If you’re an extreme gamer and are searching out the first-class all-in-one voice and textual content chat software, then you may don’t forget Discord a safe wager. This freeware voice over IP utility was designed retaining users like you in mind and does an entirely first-class job universal. Most game enthusiasts use Discord as a voice chat purchaser for connecting with their companions and organize multiplayer gaming classes on Linux effectively.

Features of Discord

  • Discord allows an infinite number of servers with out a slot restrictions for connecting along with your buddies extra without problems.
  • The consumer interface is appealing and intuitive, making Discord sincerely easy to apply and additional productive.
  • Discord utilizes the Opus codec to make certain noise and echos are suppressed as plenty as feasible.
  • It is one of the most resource-friendly Linux VoIP Software and has very low latency.
  • Users can customize the hotkeys as they dim in shape and can without difficulty connect with Twitch, Steam, Google, Facebook, Microsoft Live, and others.


Empathy is a powerful immediately messaging (IM) software and Linux Voice Over IP Software that functions text messaging, voice and video calling, document sharing, and inter-application communication aid over laptop networks. It comes with a function-wealthy set of reusable immediately messaging widgets and is like minded with any client that implements Jingle and supports ICE. Empathy is arguably the first-rate VoIP software program for humans running the GNOME surroundings and gives magnificent functions for convenient communication.

Features of Empathy

  • Empathy ships with integrated assist for a extensive variety of various protocols together with however not limited to Google Talk (Jabber/XMPP), IRC, AIM, Facebook, and Yahoo.
  • Users can effortlessly transfer files the usage of Empathy over local networks.
  • Empathy lets in users to percentage and think about the vicinity statistics in their contacts.
  • It offers out of the field support for Wayland and computer sharing.
  • The enigmatic topic engine allows users to pick colourful issues for his or her purchaser.


QTox is a compelling tox patron for Linux users that supports free chat, voice, video, and document transfer features using the peer-to-peer Tox protocol. Tox is one of the de-facto protocols for peer-to-peer immediately-messaging and video-calling with support for an stop to quit encryption. So, qTox isn’t always handiest a effective Linux VoIP software however additionally a solid preference for customers who emphasize greater on safety than capabilities.

Features of qTox

  • QTox is written in C++ and thus gives a performance matched by only some open supply VoIP software.
  • The report switch feature of qTox lets customers preview files immediately from the client.
  • It features stunning avatars and supports ToxMe and Tox URI.
  • Users can blacklist human beings to block messages from a specific consumer throughout all their agencies.
  • QTox has language guide for greater than 30 exceptional languages.


Asterisk is a sturdy framework for constructing compelling communications packages. It is a famous opensource Private Branch eXchange (PBX) and telephony toolkit that helps hybrid TDM and IVR platform with ACD capability. Apart from net telephony, Asterisk also helps conventional PSTN telephony. This protocol agnostic open source VoIP software program has turn out to be one of the maximum famous VoIP PBX around the world in recent times and enjoys immense popularity among developers of net telephony projects.

Features of Asterisk

  • Asterisk helps an intensive set of powerful video and VoIP protocols consisting of SIP, MGCP, and H.323.
  • It serves as a gateway among regular IP phones and PSTN(Public Switched Telephone Networks).
  • Users can ship and receive voice mails to contacts throughout the internet.
  • Developers can without problems amplify the programs with scripting languages like AGI.
  • Asterisk helps nearly every SIP compliant phones and acts as both the registrar and user agent.


TeamSpeak is arguably one of the first-class Voice Chat Software for Linux game enthusiasts. It leverages various net protocols to permit users to communicate on a talk channel at the same time as gaming. Many gaming groups round the sector use TeamSpeak to prepare and co-ordinate team playing on line video games way to its powerful and progressive functions. The utility allows a quick and at ease voice chat communication for game enthusiasts with out them having to fear approximately losing awareness while in-game.

Features of TeamSpeak

  • The application is pretty customizable and gives remarkable voice chats with incorporated guide for computerized microphone quantity adjustment.
  • The latency price could be very negligible and gives an almost real-time voice chat experience.
  • The public key authentication feature of TeamSpeak makes it extraordinarily comfy than regular voice chat programs.
  • TeamSpeak comes with in-built assist for audio positioning that permits placing your teammates round you.


FreeSWITCH is a feature-wealthy telephony platform which allows the introduction of scalable voice and chat pushed products. You can use FreeSWITCH as a switching engine, media gateway or a media server to host IVR programs. FreeSWITCH is straightforward to combine with different PBX structures like Asterisk because of its support for SIP, H.323, IAX2 and, GoogleTalk. It can also act as a bridge to attach legacy structures with futuristic Linux Voice Over IP Software.

Features of FreeSWITCH

  • FreeSWITCH utilizes a centralized user/domain listing and capabilities nanosecond CDR granularity.
  • The excessive-appearing center engine is multi-threaded and helps call recording, software-based totally convention, and wideband conferencing.
  • It has integrated assist for an in depth set of codecs with custom ringback tones.
  • FreeSWITCH comes with a multi-lingual speech phrase interface with aid for wellknown IP/PBX capabilities.


KPhone is a light-weight but bendy Linux Software that enables both audio andcommunications over the internet. It is SIP user agent constructed in particular for us Linux geeks. KPhone combines a select set of user-handy functions from man of the fine VoIP software program and aims at enhancing the revel in of net telephony to an entire new dimension. Although the ultimate strong release got here a long time in the past, the software continues to be a

Features of KPhone

  • KPhone supports more than one periods parallelly, therefore making conversation a lot greater effective for customers.
  • The GNU GPL license of this compelling open supply VoIP software program makes it feasible to alter and amplify the functionality.
  • KPhone offers integrated support for NAT traversal, STUN, and SRTP encryption.
  • Users can keep, ahead, or transfer their calls right away with KPhone and might also prompt car answer.
  • KPhone lets in users to share and consider the location statistics of their contacts.


When it involves discussing the first-class VoIP software irrespective of platform, Skype is the definitive answer for many. Since its access into the Linux environment, Skype has additionally won massive popularity among open supply fans everywhere in the international. It is a compelling application that allows users to make peer-to-peer smartphone and video calls around the world freely. The Linux variation of this famous VoIP software has been examined on many structures and need to run okay in most distros.

Features of Skype

  • Users can share real-time video calls with up to ten human beings on the equal time.
  • Skype shall we customers proportion images, feelings, stickers, messages, or maybe their display screen to some other person.
  • Users can ship cash to their pals or Skype contacts by means of the use of PayPal.
  • The range of humans allowed to join in an audio call is limitless.
  • Skype lets in customers to adjust their profile and appear to the arena as they like.


QuteCom is a powerful, move-platform, and SIP compliant VoIP software program which lets in customers to connect and communicate with other such programs freely. Known previously as WengoPhone, the app become first launched in 2005. QuteCom permits users to make calls to landlines or mobile phones and also can be used for making video calls or texting. One of the high-quality features of this open source VoIP software is that it isn’t tied to any specific company, so customers can select any SIP company they prefer.

Features of QuteCom

QuteCom is among the fastest Linux VoIP Software, way to its C++/QT base. The open source license of this powerful VoIP utility lets in builders to customize it as they like. The GUI is pretty similar to that of Skype and feels very cozy to play with. QuteCom consists of widespread consultation initiation protocols to make sure customers from different VoIP can hook up with it without problems.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a multi-useful and numerous verbal exchange platform which capabilities a number of the first-rate messaging, chat, and VOIP features you may discover. Whether you’re seeking out the first-class Voice Chat Software for Linux or entire VoIP solutions, you may anticipate Google Hangouts to shop the day. Although now not to be had as a standalone Linux Voice Over IP Software, you may use it effortlessly from in the Chrome browser or thru its net interface.

Features of Google Hangouts

  • Google Hangouts allows users to sync their chat histories across their personal devices very easily.
  • Users can percentage documents or laptop display immediately to their contacts with Google Hangouts.
  • Messages are encrypted with effective encryption mechanisms to make certain statistics integrity stays intact.
  • Google Hangouts is like minded with multiple devices and allow customizing controls by way of admins.
  • Users can integrate Google Hangouts to different Google applications or services without any problem.

Steam Chat

Steam is arguably the most famous platform for gambling stay video games. The Steam Chat is a free voice and textual content chat service constructed- proper into Steam. If you’re an avid gamer who plays regular Steam games on their Linux machines, then Steam Chat is probably the satisfactory alternatives in your voice chats. You can use this top notch service to communicate with your friends speedy and coordinate your gameplay with no need to put in a whole new binary altogether.

Features of Steam Chat

  • Users can pin people they interact with often inside the preferred bar for better communication revel in.
  • You can make use of the kinds options to categorize buddies based on criteria, appropriate for maintaining music of who performs with you in every recreation.
  • The cutting-edge redesign permits customers to ship and obtain inline contents including GIFs, images, and videos to and from pals.
  • Steam Chat lets in users to create institution chats for better coordination at some point of video games that require steady attention.


Twinkle is a thoughtfully built open source VoIP software that aims to make VoIP communication easier to us Linux enthusiasts. It leverages Qt to provide a colourful consumer interface which is each easy to apply and intuitive at the equal time. This Linux VoIP Software also comes with assist for direct IP calls across the world. The source is freely available to down load and make adjustments, for this reason attracting a massive crowd of open source developers.

Features of Twinkle

  • The GUI interface of Twinkle is minimalistic in view but astounding in terms of navigational flexibility.
  • Like lots of its peers, Twinkle additionally makes use of the SIP protocol for name signaling.
  • Users can flow media the usage of the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and cozy them with protocols like SRTP and ZRTP.
  • Twinkle affords customers the ability to make direct IP to IP calls over the internet.


Viber is a full-fledged voice chat software program for Linux that offers VoIP offerings like video call, voice name, and textual content messaging across the globe. It gives a few revolutionary functionalities which include sound positioning and on the spot voice messages. The user interface is intuitive and feels clean to play with. Users can discover the software quickly and communicate with pals correctly.

Features of Viber

  • Viber consists of a consumer-server architecture in which the relationship is constantly encrypted and relaxed.
  • Don’t fear in case you very own multiple devices, Viber will sync them without you feeling a component.
  • It’s some of the excellent VoIP software on the subject of resource consumptions, all way to its light-weight layout tactics.
  • The sound excellent of Viber is extremely good, and it affords a absolutely real-time communique.

IBM Sametime

IBM Sametime is the brainchild of computer massive IBM and became formerly known as IBM Lotus Sametime. This effective Linux VoIP Software provides an extensive set of built-in features to decorate your VoIP communications. It pursuits at presenting a actual-time, unified, and collaborative communique for customers and we’re happy to say it is a hit. The best drawback for many when it comes to making use of this compelling VoIP program is its paid license.

Features of IBM Sametime

  • The presence focus capability of Sametime is notably precise, and it excels at perceiving customers place.
  • Users can make reliable and speedy calls, voice call, and instant textual content messaging with this eclectic VoIP software.
  • The IBM Sametime helps organization chat, multi-way chat, and professional video conferencing.
  • It can be incorporated easily with other IBM programs using effective open APIs.

Blink is a simple to apply yet characteristic-wealthy SIP client that makes VoIP communications very smooth for ordinary customers. It comes with a excellent person interface that’s minimalistic in view but boasts very powerful functions. This cross-platform SIP customer is arguably some of the exceptional VoIP software program and gives almost each characteristic you’d want in an everyday Linux VoIP Software. If you’re searching out an intuitive and easy-looking VoIP application, we advocate you deliver Blink a strive.

Features of Blink

  • Users can make stable video and voice calls the usage of Blink way to its acoustic echo cancellation technology.
  • Communication records is encrypted in an end-to-quit manner the use of the ZRTP cryptographic protocol.
  • Users can use immediately messaging services a good deal quicker with Blink than many different such applications.
  • Blink we could customers percentage documents across the internet and offers progress and shipping records.
  • Users can make video conferencing using Blink and proportion display with incorporated audio aid.


Jami is a SIP like minded VoIP software for Linux that gives a robust set of beneficial functionalities wished for real-time VoIP communications. This is one of the high-quality VoIP software in terms of opensource traction and is updated very fast. It gives a multi-functional VoIP package that has thwarted the dominance of VoIP giants like Skype in the Linux community. Known in advance as Ring, this Linux voice over IP software program gives separate builds for both GNOME and KDE.

Features of Jami

  • Users could make any range of voice, video, or conference name even as having the equal restrict for textual content messaging.
  • All person facts and message statistics are encrypted with effective encryption algorithms to keep facts integrity.
  • Our specialists observed the account assistant wizard of this open source VoIP software plenty helpful than others.
  • It comes with integrated help for Jack Audio Connection Kit and PulseAudio.

Ending Thoughts

Due to its big community, a massive quantity of brilliant voice chat software program for Linux exists. So, deciding on the proper one often turns into a tedious task for customers. That’s why our experts invested a whole lot of time in the back of making this carefully curated list of Linux voice over IP software program.


Hopefully, we are a success in supplying you with the necessary records required to find the first-class Linux VoIP software program in keeping with your requirement. Let us realize your choose from our listing within the remark phase and live tuned for extra new Linux pinnacle lists.