Android 12 Might Require Phone Makers to Save Screenshots in a Specific Folder

Your screen captures will have a committed home. Right now, Android doesn’t put any limitations with regards to where the telephone creators choose to save their screen captures. Notwithstanding, with the arrival of Android 12, that may change. The telephone producers may need to save screen captures just in a particular organizer.

Cell phones Won’t Be Allowed to Save Screenshots in Any Folder

As per a record acquired by XDA Developers, Google may require gadgets running Android 12 to save telephone screen captures just in a particular organizer. These telephones will not be permitted to save screen captures in some other envelope. The acquired report peruses: On the off chance that gadget execution have screen capture or screen recording usefulness, including via equipment alternate way or programming button, they: Should save the picture or video record produced in an index called “Screen captures” which is consequently created under “Pictures” on installed memory or a SD card in a solid port. It is available by utilizing DIRECTORY_SCREENSHOTS. Should NOT save screen captures and screen accounts in DCIM, Pictures, Videos, or a custom registry. Telephones from organizations like Samsung save their screen captures in the DCIM organizer, and this has really made numerous issues. These issues will be settled when the above update happens.

How This Android 12 Update Fixes an Issue on Samsung Phones

In the event that you own a Samsung telephone, you likely realize that your screen captures are saved in the DCIM organizer. This envelope is in reality just intended to store the photographs and recordings that you catch with your telephone’s camera; it’s not intended to store any screen captures. Since photograph the board applications like Google Photos pull your photographs from the DCIM organizer, they wind up pulling your screen captures also. This implies, as well as transferring your own photographs, you’re transferring your screen captures also to these photograph facilitating locales. This issue happens when you utilize other distributed storage applications too, as Dropbox. Every one of these applications think DCIM just has your very own photographs, however with telephones from organizations like Samsung, that isn’t the situation. At the point when the above update happens, telephone creators will be compelled to save their screen captures just in the Screenshots envelope. This implies your DCIM organizer will not be jumbled with any undesirable pictures. This will fix the issue where your screen captures were as a rule superfluously transferred to the cloud.

Android 12 Helps Avoid Syncing Screenshots With the Cloud

With screen captures getting their own committed organizer in Android 12, your primary photograph library will stay liberated from any screen catches and you’ll have quite recently the photographs you need in your cloud-based photograph administrations.