All the Things You Can Track With Wearables

I you’re within the market for a health tracker, it is possibly you’re seeking out a device which can measure health-associated stats like steps taken and energy burned. While these are certainly useful metrics to keep track of while you’re trying to get in form with the useful resource of era, you might not comprehend simply what number of other matters wearable devices can degree. Some of the things smartwatches and interest trackers can degree are downright peculiar — together with fertility and diabetes — at the same time as others are beneficial to maximum clients even though you possibly did not realize approximately them before.

Fitness Trackers

When it comes to wearables, there are essential classes of devices: fitness trackers (also referred to as activity trackers, and maximum commonly identified with the logo Fitbit) and smartwatches. Not all wearables fall beneath this kind of two boxes, however we’ll in particular attention on these categories for the reason of this article.

Let’s start by taking a study all of the things you could music with a wrist-worn or clip-on fitness tracker. Note that this listing doesn’t always encompass all of the granular stats you may locate on extra specialized sports wearables; golf wearables, and swimming-precise wearables. Finally, wearables utilized by serious athletes.


This one’s probable acquainted to you, as pretty a whole lot any pastime-monitoring tool will include step monitoring. Activity trackers (and a few smartwatches) consist of accelerometers which could degree your motion and, in flip, supply you stats like steps according to day. You’re probably acquainted with the popular benchmark of 10,000 steps consistent with day (identical to a chunk less than 5 miles); quite a good deal any monitoring device — even the clip-on Fitbit Zip — let you monitor your development to this intention or any private dreams you’ve set for yourself.

Distance Traveled

It most effective makes feel that if a wearable device tracks your steps taken, it may display you your overall distance traveled, as properly. This metric is also available courtesy of a gadget’s accelerometer, and you may locate it on quite a whole lot any activity tracker, from a sub-$50 alternative like the Xiaomi Mi Band to specialized sports activities watches from manufacturers together with Garmin.

Floors Climbed

Activity-monitoring wearables that include an altimeter can measure how many flights of stairs you climb and different elevation-related statistics. And in case you live in a hilly metropolis, you is probably surprised to peer how speedy those flights upload up over the path of a day!

Calories Burned

Especially in case you’re looking to lose weight, preserving tabs on the range of calories burned throughout a exercise can be quite beneficial. Luckily, this metric is but every other “access-stage” fitness stat for fitness trackers, so that you ought to find it on virtually every option that makes its manner on for your comparison-purchasing list.

Active Minutes

Most pastime-monitoring bands or clip-ons can even gather records on your overall energetic minutes in a day, and you may be able to view this stat on the device’s companion app. For instance, with Fitbit trackers, you could view your overall minutes for particular workout routines (with dates indexed for every). This emblem of gadgets additionally video display units your hourly interest stats and stationary time, and that they include reminders to stand up and flow when you’ve been sedentary for an extended period of time.

Specific Exercises or Activities

By monitoring styles throughout the three axes measured through their accelerometers, health trackers can perceive the form of interest you are engaged in. For instance, with Fitbit devices that help the enterprise’s SmartTrack characteristic, your exercising might be mechanically recognized as one of the following (if relevant): strolling, jogging, outdoor cycling, elliptical and swimming (though most effective unique gadgets are water-proof). Plus, gadgets like the Garmin vivoactive may even perceive less mainstream activities like golf.

Sleep Time and Sleep Quality

Not every body wants to wear an interest tracker to bed, but lots of these wearables do have sleep-tracking technology built in. Devices which includes the Jawbone UP3, Basis Peak and Withings Activité screen your moves the use of sensors, and this facts is translated into data about your sleep conduct at some stage in a particular length. So, as an example, in case you had been to wake up frequently in the middle of the night, a wearable device would song the intervals while you sit up/stir and tune the ones time frames as conscious intervals that don’t rely towards your total nights’ sleep time. This way of monitoring sleep is called actigraphy, and whilst it’s no longer the maximum correct way to degree your Zs (measuring mind waves is less handy, however extra specific), it can come up with a few perception into your habits.

Heart Rate

Especially if you’re a runner, you might be interested in preserving tabs on your coronary heart rate — each your resting beats in step with minute and your rate when you’re mid-exercising. Not all hobby trackers encompass this functionality, but numerous do, from the Samsung Gear Fit 2 to the Garmin vivosmart HR. Note that built-in coronary heart rate trackers on fitness bands are not widely believed to be as accurate as chest strap coronary heart price video display units, so in case you need the most precise measurement viable, you might need to don’t forget this latter alternative rather.

Fitness Score

On its Charge 2 tool, Fitbit gives a function for measuring your health levels as compared to other human beings of the equal age and gender. This “aerobic health rating” is a degree of your cardiovascular fitness based totally on your VO2 max (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use whilst you’re working out at your highest depth), and it’s observed below the coronary heart fee segment of the Fitbit app. You’ll fall into certainly one of numerous categories, from poor to remarkable.

Workout Routes and Pace

Some wearables — commonly the greater sophisticated, and therefore highly-priced, ones — encompass integrated GPS for mapping your runs, walks, jogs and other sorts of workout routines. Built-in GPS also comes in available for displaying your pace, break up instances distance in real time, that means it is mainly beneficial for athletes schooling for a race.


Unlike fitness trackers, smartwatches attention on bringing cellphone-fashion signals proper on your wrist, so that you can view info such as incoming texts, calls and emails — and even upcoming calendar activities — at a glance. That does not mean they can not tune some hobby metrics as properly. Since we explained the specifics of every trackable stat above, beneath I’ll simply speedy run via the diverse metrics which are trackable through smartwatch. As you will see, in case you’re simplest interested by the more primary hobby-tracking metrics, a smartwatch should thoroughly pull double obligation and eliminate your want to buy a separate device like a Fitbit.


Most smartwatches include an accelerometer to track fundamental interest metrics which include steps taken.

Distance Traveled

Ditto with steps taken; maximum smartwatches will music your distance traveled, as that is a fairly preferred activity metric that does not require a more specialised sensor.

Calories Burned

All Apple Watch fashions tune energy burned, and users can view this facts through the Health app. Most smartwatches must be capable of music this stat and show it supplied you’ve got the right app considering that tracking energy burned just requires a wearable with an accelerometer.

Heart Rate

Available on gadgets inclusive of the Apple Watch Series 1, the Apple Watch Series 2, the Huawei Watch, the Motorola Moto 360 Sport.

GPS Location

Available on devices along with the Samsung Gear S3, Apple Watch Series 2, the Motorola Moto 360 Sport and countless walking watches from manufacturers like Garmin.

Specialized Wearables

While the two preceding sections may be the most interesting if you’re looking for a multi-purpose wearable, when you have the cash to spare or are honestly curious approximately what else a wearable can track, this section is for you. These more unusual, more specialized gadgets cross beyond the standard interest metrics to address special components of fitness and health.

Diabetes Risk

Some day within the not too remote destiny, we ought to see commercially available wearables that measure a user’s glucose tiers. Already, however, you can purchase a pair of temperature-monitoring socks from the logo SirenCare. These wearables are meant to save you diabetic foot ulcers through tracking foot temperature.


Those trying to conceive will discover specialized wearables advertised toward them. One instance is Ava, a bracelet that video display units fertility by using measuring matters which includes skin temperature, breathing fee, and warmth loss.

Sun Exposure

For the ones of us who’re invariably terrible at remembering to apply and/or reapply sunblock, there are quite a few UV-sensing wearables which can assist keep you protected. For instance, the June bracelet pursuits to prevent untimely ageing by way of measuring your exposure to dangerous rays, further to showing the contemporary UV index in real time.

Bottom Line

While maximum folks think of step- and calorie-tracking Fitbits and Jawbone gadgets when we think about wearables, the reality of the matter is that pastime trackers and smartwatches pass a ways past those fundamental stats. Whether you want to get in shape or need to display a particular health-associated difficulty, probabilities are there’s a system for you.