A Review Of Ubuntu 15.04

Review Of Ubuntu, Spring is now in full flow (despite the snow here inside the north of Scotland).

And which could best mean one factor, the modern-day version of Ubuntu has been released.

In this evaluation I could be highlighting the fundamental functions of Ubuntu for those of you who’ve in no way used Ubuntu before.

I may also be highlighting the brand new features which can be available in Ubuntu 15.04.

Finally there can be a observe a number of the known problems.

How To Get Ubuntu 15.04

If you are new to Ubuntu you can down load the modern day model from http://www.Ubuntu.Com/download/laptop.

The down load web page advises maximum users to down load the 14.04.2 launch that’s the long time help launch.

And that is something I will come to in a while within the overview.

The brand new version is 15.04 and may be downloaded by way of scrolling down the page a bit.

Note that you could download 32-bit or 64-bit variations of Ubuntu.

If you plan to twin boot with Windows eight.1, you’ll want the 64-bit version.

The majority of cutting-edge computer systems at the moment are 64-bit.

How To Try Ubuntu 15.04

There are a number of distinct ways to attempt Ubuntu out with out messing up the running system you’re presently strolling.

For instance right here are some approaches to strive Ubuntu:

  • Create a bootable Ubuntu 15.04 USB drive
  • Try Ubuntu as a virtual machine using Oracle Virtualbox
  • Try Ubuntu as a virtual machine using GNOME Boxes

How To Install Ubuntu 15.04 (or 14.04.2)

After downloading the Ubuntu 15.04 ISO (or 14.04.2) comply with this manual to create a bootable Ubuntu 15.04 USB drive.

You can now both replace your modern operating machine with Ubuntu.

The usage of the professional documentation with the aid.

Ttwin boot Ubuntu 15.04 with Windows 7. Twin boot Ubuntu 15.04 with Windows 8.1.

How To Upgrade From A Previous Version Of Ubuntu

If you are using Ubuntu 14.04 you will need to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.10 first and subsequently upgrade again to Ubuntu 15.04.

First Impressions

Your first impressions of Ubuntu when you have in no way used it earlier than will possibly rely on the working device you are currently the usage of.

If you are presently using Windows 7 then you’ll understand that the consumer interface for Ubuntu could be very one of a kind and certainly very contemporary.

Windows eight.1 customers will in all likelihood sense a touch bit extra familiar and may in fact be pleasantly surprised that the Unity computer that includes Ubuntu is functionally a lot higher than the Windows eight.1 desktop.

Ubuntu’s Unity desktop has a listing of icons in a bar down the left facet of the display screen referred to as the launcher.

At the top of the display screen there may be a single panel with icons in the right nook. The icons from left to right will let you do the subsequent:

  • Set up internet connections
  • Adjust language settings
  • Set up bluetooth
  • Adjust power settings
  • Adjust audio settings
  • View calendar / time
  • Adjust system settings, change users, shutdown etc

Ubuntu and specifically Unity presents rapid navigation and the seamless integration of programs with the computing device.

The launcher is glaringly very beneficial for starting the extra generally used packages inclusive of the Firefox net browser, LibreOffice suite and Software Centre.

For the entirety else you will need to apply the Dash and the easiest manner to navigate the Dash is to apply keyboard shortcuts.

To resource you with learning the keyboard shortcuts there is a reachable key which can be made to be had by means of holding the exceptional key (Windows key) to your keyboard for a few seconds.

Review Of Ubuntu, The Dashboard

The Dash has a number of distinctive perspectives available known as lenses. If you observe the bottom of the display there are little icons that are used for displaying distinctive varieties of information as follows:

  • Home – A summary of various programs and lately used files and many others
  • Applications – A way of viewing all the packages on the machine and available applications
  • Files & Folders – View and search for files and folders to your laptop
  • Music – Select from songs and albums for your pc or at the internet
  • Videos – Select from films for your computer or at the net
  • Photos – View pictures

Within every view there are local consequences and online results and for maximum perspectives there’s a filter out.

For example while you are at the tune lens you may filter out with the aid of album, artist, genre and decade.

The dash essentially makes it feasible to perform a number of specific duties without truely having to open an application.

Connecting To The Internet

To connect with the internet click on the usual network icon within the top proper nook as proven within the photo after which choose the network you want to hook up with.

If you are connecting to a relaxed community you will be requested to enter the security key. You only ought to do that as soon as, it will be remembered for the next time.

MP3 Audio, Flash and Proprietary Goodies

As with maximum predominant distributions you need to installation greater applications which will play MP3 documents and watch Flash motion pictures.

During the set up you’re requested to tick a container if you want to play MP3 documents however if you did not do that each one is not misplaced.

There is a package deal in the Ubuntu Software Center called “Ubuntu Restricted Extras” which gives you the whole lot you need.

Unfortunately installing the “Ubuntu Restricted Extras” package deal from in the Ubuntu Software Center has a main flaw. During the installation a license recognition container is meant to appear for the usage of Microsoft’s TrueType fonts.

Sometimes the license attractiveness box appears behind the Software Centre window. You can get right of entry to the box by way of clicking at the “?” icon within the launcher.

Review Of Ubuntu, Even worse though is that sometimes the acceptance message would not appear in any respect.

To be sincere the perfect way to put in the “Ubuntu Restricted Extras” bundle is to use the terminal.

To achieve this open a terminal window (Press Ctrl – Alt – T all at the equal time) and enter the following commands into the window that appears:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install ubuntu-confined-extras

Review Of Ubuntu, During the set up of the package the license box will seem.

Press the tab key to pick out the “OK” button and press input to preserve.


For those of you annoying that Ubuntu might not have the programs which you have turn out to be accustomed to with Windows need not be involved in any respect.

Ubuntu has everything you need to get you began consisting of a web browser, workplace suite, electronic mail consumer, chat clients, audio player and media participant.

Review Of Ubuntu, The programs hooked up consist of but aren’t constrained to the subsequent:

  • Aisleriot Solitaire – Card Game
  • Brasero – Disk Burning Software
  • FireFox – Web Browser / Ubuntu Web Browser
  • Calculator
  • Cheese – Webcam Viewer
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Document Viewer
  • Empathy – Instant Messenging
  • Files – File Manager
  • Image Viewer
  • LibreOffice – Office Suite
  • Mahjongg – Game
  • Mines – Minesweeper
  • Remmina – Remote Desktop Client
  • Rhythmbox – Audio Player
  • Screenshot – Screencapturing
  • Shotwell – Photo Manager
  • Sudoku – Game
  • Thunderbird – Email Client
  • Text Editor
  • Transmission – Bittorrent Client

Review Of Ubuntu, Installing Applications

If the type of utility you require isn’t hooked up via default then it is incredibly probable to be to be had from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

If you just want to browse you could click on on the man or woman categories and feature a great appearance approximately but for the most component you may need to apply the quest box to go looking by way of keyword or name.

The Ubuntu Software Centre is improving and it’s miles truly returning more results than it did before however it still does a few specially demanding things.

For example if you need to install Steam you will think you search for it in the Software Centre. Sure sufficient there may be an entry for Steam and a description. Clicking at the description states that the software isn’t always to your repositories.

Now click on at the arrow next to “All Software” on the top and choose “Provided By Ubuntu”. A new listing of results seem with an alternative for “Valve’s Steam Delivery System”. Installing this package deal gets you the Steam client.

Review Of Ubuntu, Why would not “All Software” mean All Software?

New Features In Ubuntu 15.04

Ubuntu 15.04 has the subsequent new functions:

  • Linux Kernel three.19 – Latest strong model
  • Systemd replaces the Upstart init system
  • Unity 7.3 has a new configuration options to have menu displayed in any respect time instead of simply mouseover, permit the Dash, HUD and logout monitors to seem over full screen applications, tweaks to animations
  • Various Compiz fixes including NVidia precise updates, complete included aid for MATE, refresh of the GTK-Window-Decorator
  • Firefox 37, Chromium forty one
  • GNOME platform mainly based totally on version 3.14 and QT on model five.4
  • Pulseaudio up to date to version 6

Click here for the entire release notes

Review Of Ubuntu, Known Issues

The following are acknowledged problems inside Ubuntu 15.04:

  • It isn’t possible to apply USB-Creator in 14.04 (or in advance) to create bootable Ubuntu drives for versions 14.10 and later
  • Virtualbox – After putting in a distribution the use of Virtualbox the DVD will eject but you can not press enter to reboot
  • Creating custom walls while putting in on a clean disk throws up the message “Force UEFI Installation?” This is innocent and can be omitted.

Ubuntu 14.04 Versus Ubuntu 14.10 Versus Ubuntu 15.04

Review Of Ubuntu, Which version of Ubuntu need to you choose?

If you’re a new consumer and installing Ubuntu for the primary time then it is probably extra prudent to put in Ubuntu 14.04 as it has 5 years well worth of assist and you may not need to upgrade each 9 months.

If you are using Ubuntu 14.10 for the time being then it is virtually really worth upgrading from Ubuntu 14.10 to Ubuntu 15.04 so you stay supported.

There is without a doubt no purpose to install Ubuntu 14.10 as a clean set up. You will but need to improve from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 14.10 as a way to improve once more to Ubuntu 15.04 if you want to pass from Ubuntu 14.04 to Ubuntu 15.04. The alternative is to backup your vital documents and re-installation Ubuntu 15.04 from scratch.

Ubuntu 15.04 is specifically a bug repair launch with minor upgrades. There are no new need to haves. The working machine is in a stable state in the interim and therefore the emphasis is truely evolution over revolution.

Review Of Ubuntu, Privacy

New customers to Ubuntu have to recognize that the search outcomes inside the Unity dash encompass advertisements for Amazon products and the Ubuntu license agreement states that your seek outcomes might be used to improve the goods which might be provided to you. It is basically similar to Google targetting consequences based totally on preceding searches.

You can turn this selection off and pass over on line effects from within the Dash.