20 Common Mobile Phone Problems & Solutions

1.Slow Phone

When your RAM is full of apps and files that you do not use or need, your phone tends to respond slowly.

  • Reduce brightness
  • Turn off the GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Enable the Battery Saving Mode
  • Disable the apps that are draining more battery if you usually do not need them
  • Use Black Wallpapers

2. Overheating Phone

An overheating phone is sometimes related to problems with your phone battery If you are experiencing this, you should solve it soon because your battery and your phone screen can be seriously damaged.

  • Try to use your phone in a fresh and cold place
  • Keep it away from the sun’s heat
  • Give your phone some rest to refresh and start using again

App Crashes/Freezes

Sometimes your phone just cannot support the latest version and that app starts crashing all the time.

  • Restart your cell phone and start using the app again
  • Try cleaning the cache data also works.
  • Uninstall the app and install it again