6 Free Alternatives to Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an clean go-to for those looking to convey a few corporation into their lives. It’s a recognizable logo, it’s loose, and it’s included into the sector’s most popular operating system. But maybe you need to interrupt out of Microsoft’s watchful ecosystem and try some thing a little extraordinary? Or are you seeking out some thing opportunity that visualizes your notes in extra exciting and, ahem, noteworthy ways? We’ve handpicked the nice OneNote options that ought to make your observe-taking a cinch.

1. Free Alternatives Zoho Notebook

Free Alternatives Multi-platform and brimming with features, Zoho each appears and feels exceedingly accurate. It’s brilliant, shade-coded and fashionable.

Some of its greater exquisite (hah!) features encompass the ability to create covers on your notebooks, and a web-clipping tool that makes it smooth to grab articles and different bits from the internet.

You can sync your notes across as many gadgets as you like without cost, giving it an area over the notoriously restrictive.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

2. Free Alternatives Simplenote

Free Alternatives

Perfect for those who discover OneNote a bit bit garish, Simplenote isn’t sprinkled with superfluous hues or other excesses. True to its name, it continues matters very simple and doesn’t offer any options for converting font sizes, textual content styles and so forth. Instead, it is predicated on Markdown – an HTML-like open-supply syntax that creates symbols the usage of code. So it’s a bit techy, but some people like that.

Free Alternatives Simplenote syncs across a couple of devices, allows you to percentage notes by means of importing them to the Web, and lets in you to collaborate on notes together with your buddies.

It might not be flashy or mainly customizable, but in case you’re searching out a solid no-frills pocket book app, this is a great alternative.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

3. Evernote

The arch-nemesis of OneNote went down in quite a few peoples’ estimations considering the fact that limiting free users to syncing across just devices,

however if that’s all the devices you need, then Evernote stays the most complete alternative.

Web-clipping is the biggie in Evernote. This browser extension is capable of chucking net pages into your notebook with intense accuracy, allowing you to drag textual content, screenshots or simplified versions of articles.

If you pull photos, then the way they appear as thumbnails in Evernote clearly brightens the app up. While Evernote is much less customizable than OneNote, it still offers lots of pliability, and its extra sparse coloration palette may be a draw for some.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

4. Laverna

The thing with using organizer apps from huge companies is that you simply don’t recognize what your information is getting used for.

Laverna is an open-supply app designed through individuals who prioritize privateness. None of your data is saved in any online servers, but you could nevertheless sync throughout more than one systems thanks to Dropbox integration.

Like Simplenote, Laverna uses Markdown,

so a few basic expertise of that is useful, and highlighting is carried out the use of diverse popular syntax coding languages. If you’re up for getting only a little bit techy though, provide Laverna a move.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Web

5. Google Keep

Not many human beings talk approximately Google Keep, that is a unprecedented element to say for a Google product, however during the last few years this app has been enhancing apace.

It’s remarkably simple, and in place of splitting your notes up into notebooks, it divvies them up by using tags and color-coding. (So if you do like the greater colourful style of OneNote, you’ll experience right at domestic right here.)

Easy although it’s miles to use, Google Keep also has some fancy features, maximum drastically the functionality of turning images with text in them into editable text files

and a Chrome extension that lets you pull information from websites just like with Evernote’s cherished Web Clipper.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web

6. Turtl

If you want your organizer to resemble a corky observe board with portions of paper pinned to it as opposed to your traditional virtual notebook, then Turtl is for you.

Much greater visual than the opposite options, it lays your notes out like a Pinterest board, that’s mainly reachable if you use masses of photographs, and also an awesome manner of making each notice stand out, making it less difficult to remember.

If you need your organizer to resemble a corky examine board with portions of paper pinned to it in preference to your conventional virtual notebook,

then Turtl is for you.

Much more visible than the opposite options, it lays your notes out like a Pinterest board,

it’s particularly on hand in case you use masses of pictures,

and additionally an incredible way of creating each word stand out, making it less tough to don’t forget.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android


Different notes for unique oldsters, as the pronouncing goes. These apps accommodate humans of various tech savviness and with in a different way-wired brains with their very own ways of memorizing things.

Work out which one suits you fine and run with it.