The 10 Best VR Puzzle and Escape Room Games

10 Best VR Puzzle Advancements in VR headsets and the content material that pushes what these devices can do has ushered in a brand new generation of video games

In the early Nineties, CD-ROM puzzle video games along with Myst and Riven made use of the introduced garage potential of this new garage medium by using including graphical elements that went nicely beyond those of traditional games of the time. Much as the advent of the CD-ROM helped to in addition the puzzle sport genre, digital reality is reinvigorating puzzle games with the aid of immersing the player within the puzzle environment.

When you feel such as you’re present within the environment, the game is improved on many degrees. For puzzle-type video games, the mechanics of VR connect you to the puzzle factors.

Live-action escape room gaming arcades had been shooting up all around the international. They provide team-constructing immersive puzzle-fixing reports to customers. At these locations, you pay a fee to be trapped in a room that you have to get away. Escaping commonly involves fixing a sequence of logic puzzles.

These live-motion get away room experiences have inspired the creation of VR escape room game opposite numbers. In VR, you’re no longer bound by way of the restrictions of the actual global, so VR get away rooms may be some thing you can consider. Maybe you have to get away a medieval dungeon or possibly a space station.

Check out these VR puzzle video games and get away room games to find out simply how immersive VR gaming can be.

01.10 Best VR Puzzle The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Starseed

The Gallery – Episode 1: Call of the Star Seed is a part puzzle game, part thriller, with escape room factors. In Call of the Star Seed, your quest is to locate your missing sister. You start on a mysterious island and follow clues left by means of your sister on a series of audio cassette tapes. The developers call the sport a “constructed-for-VR recreation stimulated with the aid of dark ’80s delusion films.”

This sport is paying homage to the television show “Lost,” with its eerie island-based technology lab theme. Logic puzzles abound all through. The attention to detail inside the environments creates an super feel of immersion, which is probably one of the reasons that HTC Vive picked this sport as considered one of its content material package picks.

The complete recreation feels well planned and polished. The VR teleportation mechanics are outstanding, specially for those who simplest have small VR play areas to be had. This sport is a ought to-have name if you’re into VR puzzle and adventure games.

The environments of this recreation are extremely lush and specific, and the backpack inventory mechanic is how journey video games should do inventory to any extent further.

02.10 Best VR Puzzle I Expect You To Die

Did you ever pretend which you had been James Bond or some other well-known undercover agent while you had been a kid? 007 is continually installed dire conditions that seem to guarantee his almost certain demise, yet he continually survives through his ingenuity.

I Expect You To Die is a VR puzzle sport that distills the entire mystery-agent-stuck-in-a-lure plot tool and makes a fun game out of it.

You play as a spy with telekinetic skills. Your challenge is to prevent a nefarious weapons and pharmaceutical organization.

One of the scenarios has you in a flowery Bond-esque system-crammed automobile this is in an plane. Your goal is to break out the airplane by beginning the car and in some way getting it out of the aircraft. Bonus (or spoiler): missiles are involved.

If you like having to clear up puzzles as if your existence relied on it, then this sport is for you.

VR Platform(s): HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

3. 10 Best VR Puzzle Obduction

If you questioned what happened to the group at the back of the conventional puzzle sport Myst, one of the most famous puzzle adventure video games of all time, marvel no more. The group turned into running on Obduction.

That’s right, Cyan, the team in the back of the legendary Myst, created some other otherworldly puzzle sport, and this time it’s built from the ground up for digital reality. Obduction has been called “the religious successor to Myst and Riven.”

This recreation is an get away room sport on a grand scale with puzzles for the duration of. You’re not looking to get away only a room, however an entire planet to discover your manner home.

Unlike many other puzzle titles that can be finished in an hour or two, Obduction is meant to take longer. Some reviewers said it took them and a 1/2 days or so to finish.

04.10 Best VR Puzzle Fantastic Contraption

If you like hands-on physics puzzle video games that make you feel like an inventor and pit crew member on the equal time, then Fantastic Contraption might be proper up your alley.

Fantastic Contraption is a whimsical puzzle recreation with lots of characters and heaps of levels to preserve you busy. The fundamental premise of the sport is to build an invention to move a puzzle piece from point A to point B. The terrain between factor A and B may be an incline, a flight of stairs, or any variety of crazy possibilities.

You need to build a easy gadget to move your puzzle piece via the terrain impediment. You are given various gadget parts, some that act as automobiles, some that act as wheels, and some that add help to other parts. You integrate these parts in VR by way of in reality snapping them together. When you observed you’ve constructed an appropriate device, you press the play button and see if it works. If it does, exceptional; move directly to the following degree. If it doesn’t, then it’s lower back to the digital drafting board to tweak your gadget and attempt again.

This puzzle game is clearly for innovative varieties of every age. The developer brought a level editor for developing user-generated content. Users can download and play stages built via other users, which greatly will increase the replay fee for this game.

05.10 Best VR Puzzle SVRVIVE The Deus Helix

If alien-themed puzzles are your issue, SVRVIVE is a identify well worth your attention. This recreation has you gambling a forced recruit whose mission is to achieve helix portions by way of solving puzzles at numerous alien locations to that you are teleported. Solve all the puzzles, and the aliens say they’ll give you your existence back. Fail to resolve them, and also you’ll be … Properly … just attempt now not to fail.

To get your toes wet, you start in a basic escape-the-room situation for the primary venture, after which the sport steadily moves to larger and greater various alien locales.

If you’re seeking out hard puzzles wherein you may take it slow to work matters out, then this recreation is really worth a attempt.

06.10 Best VR Puzzle Conductor

Conductor is from the makers of Abode, every other puzzle game in this list. While Abode is a great, but quick, get away room sport, Conductor is more of a puzzle-adventure game.

Conductor capabilities multiple locations and has the unique recreation mechanic of having to function a teach to transport you to the following area. The game also capabilities the usage of a weapon of types, a gravity cannon, which may be used to move matters around or take hold of onto things and destroy them into walls to disable them.

Conductor operates with “lo-fi” photos rather than flashy photorealism. The preference works properly, because it helps you to attention at the puzzle obligations at hand and makes for a less resource-stressful recreation.


Take the fidget cubes all the youngsters are gambling with, make them into complex puzzles, and then add a portal-esque lab placing, and you have Statik for PS VR. This game is a PS VR exclusive and for appropriate cause, as it became designed to apply pretty much each button of the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller.

In Statik, you are a take a look at difficulty in a lab in which you should clear up puzzles which might be strapped for your palms. You can flip the puzzle around to just about any attitude you want to peer puzzle elements on every aspect. You should parent out the puzzle via trial and mistakes and via the use of clues, which might be often discovered in the environment round you.

While you’re looking to discern out the puzzle, the game adds a piece of strain and distraction inside the form of scientists who appear to be studying your each pass and writing notes on their clipboards. You don’t know what they may be searching out or what the reason of the experiments are, but the whole aspect makes you feel like a guinea pig and conjures up a piece of paranoia.

Statik is a ought to-have if you own PlayStation VR and love puzzle video games.


Abode is an indie puzzle name that has person. It’s a quick identify, having only one room to break out from, but its price displays this.

Abode is a traditional escape room identify. Solve more than one puzzles to find keys and such to remedy different puzzles till you sooner or later get a code to allow you to get away the room. Most of the puzzles aren’t extraordinarily tough, however they are fun and require at the least a little bit of thinking.

The pictures are lo-fi, however the game is all about the puzzles, and Abode offers on the ones. The sport is a brief experience, but a amusing one.

09. Nevrosa: Prelude

If you like your puzzle video games with a heaping dose of horrifying, then you need to check out Nevrosa: Prelude.

Nevrosa is so terrifying that it does not want to lodge to the usage of cheap jumpscares. This sport is a creepy revel in.

One particular element of Nevrosa: Prelude is that, whilst maximum break out room puzzle video games don’t placed you in any virtual bodily threat, Nevrosa provides the detail of this-puzzle-could-definitely-harm-me to its escape room sport. It is harking back to the “Saw” films.

Nevrosa: Prelude is a unfastened-to-play game. As the title implies, that is just an intro and now not a complete-fledged recreation. The free revel in is designed to whet your appetite for the overall sport. Download Nevrosa: Prelude if you dare.

If you survive Prelude, you will be inquisitive about the entire game, Nevrosa: Escape, which isn’t always free to play.

10.Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment

Typically, movie tie-in video games are horrible. Surprisingly, The Belko VR game is quite appropriate for a film tie-in sport.

It’s now not a recreation for youngsters, and given the basis, adults won’t discover the whole lot appealing either, but it makes for an thrilling break out room game that ties properly to the basis of the movie for which it’s named, The Belko Experiment.

This escape room recreation comes with a 15-minute timer. If you fail to complete the purpose in that point, you die.

The timer in this recreation adds an detail of strain to the entire state of affairs through developing a sense of urgency and makes it a puzzle/get away room sport that receives your blood pumping.

The rate is right: The recreation is unfastened as it become created to sell The Belko Experiment movie. If you watched you can manage the strain, provide this sport a try. Players can also revel in specific endings relying on the selection they make toward the give up.